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The Russian national team waits for summer athletics

the Winter World championship on track and field athletics which has come to the end on Sunday in Istanbul, has brought Russian national team only one victory. It was gained by great Elena Isinbaeva in pole vaults. In medalnom offset of superiority the Russian team remained a heel. However, this result hardly testifies to the grandiose problems which suddenly have appeared in domestic track and field athletics.
the result of the Istanbul championship at first sight can seem for Russian national team catastrophically unsuccessful. Domestic track and field athletics has the status of the superreliable getter of awards, and in the last year`s summer World championship in Taegu has won them without one two ten. Thus nine of them were gold, and the traditional success in medalnom offset was gave then to Americans absolutely uneasy. In Turkey Russians it by and large have not made a competition, having won in total as much awards of different advantage, how many in Korea at them was one only victories.

defeats, often enough unexpected and painful, in the past weekend have suffered at once some leaders of the Russian national team. In Taegu prygunja in height Anna Chicherova has bypassed considered almost impregnable Croatian Blanku Vlashich. In Istanbul Vlashich did not act, nevertheless Chicherova was limited to silver, all - taki having conceded quoted where more low to American Shanti Law. In the same kind at men the Olympic champion Andrey Silnov and often showing results ekstra - a class Ivan Ukhov have given the main step on a podium not having in career on - to the present of significant achievements to Greek Dimitriosu Chondrokukisu. Mnogoborka Tatyana Chernova has not got at all to prizes.

However to performance of the Russian national team, probably, nevertheless it is necessary to concern easy and precisely not to do of it a conclusion about a fog of its prospects on the London Olympic Games to which remains less half a year. In - the first, the world championship in the closed premises is basically not that tournament to form base for medalnyh calculations: as a rule, elite sportsmen type the optimum form on a season course - by the end of spring.

for Russian national team it for certain cannot be indicative. The matter is that the program of the winter championships already, than summer. Also it is reduced just in many respects at the expense of those sports which are the Russian trumps. For example, in Taegu Russian national team took all three gold in walking, but in the closed premises of this discipline is not present. As there is female a javelin throw and a hammer, obstacle race, which also in Korea no steel for it gold.

About that, how much deceptive there are results of the winter World championships, tells the freshest example. Previous passed two years ago in the Fur-coat, and performance on it Russian national team anything essentially did not differ from Turkish - the same nine won awards, from them - two gold. However, in Qatar it has turned out to be hooked for command a top - a three, but also in Istanbul for this purpose there was no luck and than centimetres - is more true, can, even unique centimetre which, say, in broad jumps has lost to the winner - to Brazilian Mauru yes Silve - Alexander Menkov.

In - the second, this World championship, despite relative modesty of successes of the Russian national team, has revealed at it reserve presence. Speech about those sportsmen - both young, and already mature which were till now in a shade, and in Istanbul left for the leading parts. It both same Menkov, and taken, as well as it, bronze - in a threefold jump - the Hatch Adams, and passed from short sprint in sprint long Alexander Fedoriva which in run on 400 m was outstripped by only well-known American Sanja Richards.

it, certainly, and Elena Isinbaeva. The Istanbul tournament has confirmed the obvious: the great sportswoman endures unexpected enough Renaissance in career which as it seemed after a failure in Taegu, at the double Olympic champion has got derailed. But this season of Isinbaeva of the beginning it is brilliant. In February - a jump in Stockholm on 5,02 m and the next world record for the closed premises. Now - the Istanbul gold won with quite good result - 4,80 m - and a clear advantage over competitors. Let among these competitors there were no some of the most dangerous competitors, it all the same, certainly, before the London Olympic Games - an excellent sign.