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About fearlessness before a cancer

Teleleaders// 19 - on March, 25th
last week in an aether left the unique project for the Russian television. Both the idea, and stylistics in which it is made, is more likely organic, for example, for the channel of the Air Forces or in general for any festival or a forum of humanitarian programs. But it left on NTV.

20, on March, 21st and 22 the channel has shown a documentary cycle of Kateriny Gordeevoj to Win a cancer . Work on it went more year. A rare occurence among TV men: colleagues on shop from the different channels, usually seldom watching works each other (well or not admitting that them look), not only shared in social networks that watched this film on air, but also are not sparing with praise. That taking into account television customs a case even more rare.

in the three-serial project of Kateriny Gordeevoj and all film crew preparing this film, the set of television formats has incorporated at once. It and archives, the medical chronicles stated by clear language for all, research experiments, the reporting, art reconstruction, monologues - confessions and interview as doctors, and those who has worried a cancer. Is in this work and a social context. It is clear that with a cancer struggle all over the world, and everywhere this dreadful disease is considered almost incurable. But in Russia it as - that is absolutely hopeless. In a film there is a story about with what improbable work it is possible to receive quotas on free treatment, that necessary medicines for struggle against a cancer cannot be brought to Russia legally because they are forbidden, and about the Ural small town the Asbestos which inhabitants from - for harmful manufactures are doomed to oncology...

certainly, genres all separately and even sometimes together taken are present for a long time already at set of documentary television projects. But such film yet was not never. The cancer really, as well as war, has concerned almost each family. Katerina Gordeyev has shot a film on three with superfluous hour of a broadcasting time, and thus work is made so that this time do not notice. Though to watch a film to Win a cancer emotionally very hard. And sometimes it is to be switched off simply for some minutes to make a respite. To exhale, drive away fear covering consciousness which rolls when you hear from a TV screen stories of doctors and patients about first signs of oncological disease, how it to avoid and what preventive maintenance from a cancer is necessary. To the average person, of course, to perceive this all it is uneasy. But the film just has a boomerang effect. It is through penetrated by humanistic idea that with a cancer it is possible to live that it can be broken and even to die sometimes not so terribly if, of course, on it character and sincere forces suffices.

For this film many known people have agreed to tell for the first time about how they have managed to worry this illness publicly. How they have worried news that at them a cancer and as existed with it. About the drama told Lima Vajkule, Lyudmila Ulitsky, Emmanuil Vitorgan and some more world famous people. Michael Gorbachev told about incurable illness of the wife and about last days Raisas Maksimovny.

confessions of doctors are not less shrill also. Scientists with a world name. One of the terrifying stories in a film - a recognition of one of known Russian oncologists. Being the young doctor, it could not help the patient because according to the existing instruction has not written out to it an expensive preparation because this family actually could not allow itself it. Formally the person was deprived by hopes, have doomed to slow death. After years to the doctor there has arrived the adult daughter of this patient, she has accused the doctor of full incompetence and a deceit. It has appeared that this family then has managed to find possibility to go abroad. And there there were necessary medicines, and life of the woman has been prolonged. She has died already much later and without tortures. The professor with tears in the face of admits a shot that this history has broken her life and since then it without thinking about existing instructions is guided only by one: if there is a possibility to prolong and save life to the oncological patient, means, it is necessary to do it despite of everything.

together with heroes of this film it is possible to cry (sometimes it happens involuntarily), and it is possible to be surprised to that, how many they could worry not to lose courage. Anyway, looking at those who tells about how could live with deadly illness, or remembers the died relatives, only you guess and you feel, what is horror. And no trash which so loves today`s television at similar stories, especially NTV, here is present.

Uniqueness of work to Win a cancer also that at the heart of a three-serial film the personal diary of the real person lies. From these memoirs invested with the art form - reconstruction, the story begins and it comes to an end with them. Only in the ending instead of the actress in a shot already that woman who has tested this terrible diagnosis - a cancer. The main heroine call Marina Pak. It mum the chief - the editor of this film of Sofia Gudkovoj. Marina has agreed to tell in a teleether that she has worried and as now there is her life that millions those who faces oncology, have not lowered a hand. Probably, also from this rare example for an aether when heroes and founders of the teleproject are connected not simply and not only work, such unusual atmosphere of a film which are setting the fashion to all its stylistics is created.

that, creating this actually humanitarian and educational project is important also, its founders did not forget here about that is all - taki a television product. And the television here has not ceased to be television. to win a cancer - result of improbable journalistic work. The director and the operator, assembly sklejki, music, a caption, light are professionally exact. And even final vignettes of participants of a film organically hold temporitm and work on the general optimistic idea of a picture.

certainly, landslide ratings here it was not necessary to wait. Moreover, appear, that this reputatsionnaja work of Kateriny Gordeevoj is doomed to a failure from the point of view of television smotrenija. However all has appeared more successfully, than could be. The film left on air of NTV during very later time, 23:30, and came to an end more close to one o`clock in the morning. And thus the share of television audience was quite decent for such a time - slota and remained almost at the same level. In Moscow a film looked more actively: the quantity of spectators has made 13,5 % (a rating of 3,2 %), the all-Russian audience is less - 11,5 % (the first series 13 % of audience looked, further indicators have decreased to 11,6 %). But as a whole outflow of spectators from a film which, of course, in any way cannot be ranked as teleentertainment, was not. If to tell in absolute figures, in cities - millionnikah on the average each series to Win a cancer have looked one million three hundred thousand persons. Probably that among them there are people now not so it is terrible to them to hear about a cancer. Well or at least not paralizujushche it is terrible.

one more person who works in a special genre, naming itself the journalist and the reporter, debuted in new to itself role. Arcady Mamontov became still to TV presenters. Last week on the channel Russia 1 There was a new ruler. Now not on Sunday, and on Tuesday, in 22. 55 will leave here a cycle the Special correspondent . Within an hour here will present to spectators and a film, and its discussion in the big studio with visitors and experts. The debut of Mamontova has taken place on March, 20th. New role obliged to other style, at least the external. They were. There was a jacket and the set hair. In the rest without changes. The name of the next work of Arcady Mamontova absolutely organically for its previous many-sided television creativity: the film is called Rich . The theme and stylistics too are obvious: From a generality the Soviet people so-called new Russian which any more surprise the first year hatched, shake, shock the western consciousness. And not only western . Certainly, these dressed up, with chubby purses which, generously scattering on the world millions dollars and euro Have deserved to be zaklejmennymi the author of a film.

sacred business in such film to oppose prokatyvavshim money in Nice and Cannes to those people, which underate, nedosypali and slept in barracks . Otherwise it would be not Arcady Mamontov. Certainly, in this film you will not hear any familiar surnames of oligarchs and especially names of the Russian officials (though, speaking about the mayor of one Swiss small town, Mammoths with pathos underlines that here it goes by a bicycle, instead of on a Mercedes ) . And all author`s heat is directed only on one person - the former owner of the company Uralkaly Dmitry Rybolovleva. Why to this businessman has got more than others on air Russia 1 interested persons can learn, having seen the historical background with transfer of the property of this enterprise and accompanying it information support . In general, from a film one followed only: mister Rybolovlev of the most bad rich from all rich in Russia. Arcady Mamontov and to that he does not want to finance football club was indignant, for example, in Tambov, and here in Monaco a command to itself has got.

in this project still it is a lot of that (that usually also happens in works of this author) it is turned upside down. Well and as, of course, it is necessary to leader Arcady Mamontovu still porepetirovat. To begin with at least to learn to remember questions which he already has had time to set to the visitors within the limits of a small broadcasting time. Otherwise they will remind it of it, as well as happens in studio the Special correspondent . And still all - taki to take itself in hands and not to break on a falsetto, even when absolutely unbearable and is ill smothering for destiny of the native land which suffers under oppression of oligarchs.

however, seemingly, it is pleasant to the Russian spectator, when to it tell and show about the bad rich. And the state television encourages this theme. A share of audience of a premier cycle the Special correspondent has averaged more than 15 % of spectators.