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The question price

Experts ask for a long time a question why relations of Russia and EU do not react to positive irritants. Occasions to hope for advancement appear regularly enough, but over and over again optimism appears premature.

so, in 2006 the beginning of two most friendly Russia predsedatelstv in EU - Finnish and German waited. Then - start of negotiations about the new frame agreement which should remove all collected questions. Then signed agreements on partnership for the sake of the Russian modernisation. Then rejoiced apropos at last - that of the co-ordinated Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization.

but a trouble that real rapprochement all was not. The question on visas has turned to a symbol of this stagnation. After all if Russia and EU cannot agree about such, in general - that, trifles as a mode of mutual short-term visa-free visiting - and it at an obvious economic gain for EU, the minimum costs in respect of safety and prioritetnosti a question for Russia, - that sense to speak about the Common Economic Space or strategic partnership vanishes.

in search of explanations of such situation it is necessary to pay attention to a context, and not on especially political or economic, and on philosophical, connected with attitude of the parties. The matter is that the theme of Russia for Europeans loses the pervostepennost. The economic basis of mutual relations is perceived as a reality. The scenario at which Russia would dare to freeze Europe and to refuse deliveries there energy carriers, simultaneously having blocked import of the goods on all ruler - from foodstuff to luxury goods, - is not considered owing to its absolute unreality. On the contrary, the Russian exporters of gas for the sake of share preservation in the market are compelled to give to the European buyers price discounts. On this background fears in front of the big and not clear Russia become destiny of absolute minority.

however also positive interest, belief in partnership potential simultaneously leaves. Russia, with its unenviable positions in world ratings of business appeal, it is the extremely difficult to compete for attention of the European business to the countries of Asia and Latin America. And as to the simple tourist border zones and other restrictions on movement in the country, and a cheap and accessible infrastructure are necessary to it not.

Moscow, in turn, too does not show special anxiety of that when - that announced by it the European choice and has not been realised. And too persistently declares presence at Russia the Asian alternative. But a visa-free regime all thus achieves - taki from Europe. So the chance to agree still remains.