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the Union

Protection of participants of groups gallant and Mummies the Troll - it is doubtless, a group bargaining chip Fashions . To the first album the command has come after six years of persistent work. Diligence of musicians together with experience of instructors and sympathies of radio stations should become pledge of a loud debut. On expectations the strongest influence on it should render gallant . But to Fashions first of all there is no charismatic vocal (actually, and at gallant the same problems - at level of their league, certainly). Frontmen by name of Fil of Circles - the energetic and charming enough guy capable, apparently, dead to turn in the allies. However the keystone to success dandiacal fate - n - a beater - a voice from which the maiden hearts should thaw. It at Modov ( Fashions ?) No as is not present and tightly remembered melodies. Their senior companions have, seemingly, reserved for own albums, and secrets of skill with the protege shared, seemingly, in small doses. That this group was overtaken by national love, the absolute confidence of own correctness, creative impudence if want is necessary to it. And Fashions do not go yet further accurate and superficial copying.

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