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The court has obliged the Ministry of Finance to return Sodeksimu 43,4 million dollars

has made today decision to collect the Moscow arbitration with the Ministry of Finance of 43,4 million dollars under the company claim Sodeksim . Including it has been collected 24,24 million dollars of the basic debt and 19 million dollars of percent for using another`s money resources.
the given claim has been accepted to consideration in May of this year. Sodeksim demanded to return to it more than 58 million dollars for settlement of debts of Algeria in front of Russia under credits of the USSR. As the third party in business acts veb through which monetary operations were carried out. Besides, business was entered by Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow as the person who are not declaring independent requirements.
we will remind that requirements to the Ministry of Finance were shown in connection with the situation which has arisen still 14 years ago, in 1996. Then within the limits of repayment of a debt of Algeria in front of Russia (the debt existed since the USSR) the company Sodeksim By means of goods delivery was obliged to buy it from Algeria and then to expose on sale. Having won the tender for this right, Sodeksim has made some non-cash transfers on account of the Russian budget in total amount of 28 million dollars However soon Algeria has frozen all deliveries of the goods to uncertain time.
the problem was resolved only in 2006., when the governments of Russia and Algeria have signed the contract on debt write-off. The Ministry of Finance promised to return Sodeksimu the lost money, but a debt and has not been compensated. The Ministry of Finance did not deny presence of a debt, but to give out money without corresponding regulations could not. Later in the law on the state budget there was article, concerning settlements of the Algerian debts against Russia. To settle dispute the deputy minister of the finance S.Storchak undertook.
however next year to the general director Sodeksima to Victor Zaharovu, With. Storchaku and to the chairman of board of directors of Inter-regional investment bank Vadim Volkovu accusations in plunder of money resources from the budget have been brought. At that point in time the amount of debt made 43,4 million dollars
In October 2008. The consequence has made the decision on S.Storchaka and V.Zaharova`s clearing from - under guards. In Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor preventive punishment change have explained that the legal investigation is finished and accused, being at large, cannot already affect results of a consequence in any way. From V.Zaharova and S.Storchaka the subscription about nevyezde and appropriate behaviour is taken.
the Ministry of Finance did not deny debts presence before Sodeksimom but it be not agreed with the sum of percent. In 2007. The parties actively carried on negotiations for dispute peaceful settlement according to which the amount of debt together with percent made 43,4 million dollars However then S.Storchaka`s criminal investigation of the case and Century has begun Zaharova, and negotiations about peaceful settlement of civil dispute have stopped. In this connection the ministry insisted that the total sum of requirements to them should not exceed the specified sum - 43,4 million dollars