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Ireland during week-end will conclude the credit agreement about EU and IMF

the Agreement on granting of Ireland international package of the financial help, most likely, will be concluded on November, 28th, that is after a week after official inquiry of Dublin about the credit, transfers Reuters referring to sources in Bruxelles.
the expected scenario consists that Ministers of Finance of EU will approve a credit package and by that will give green light to the program - has informed agency one of the sources, familiar with a course of negotiations on Ireland. on Sunday (on November, 28th) the decision in essence " should be accepted; - has specified a source.
as it was informed earlier, it is a question of granting of Ireland of the credit from EU and IMF in volume 85 mlrd euro. From them nearby 35 mlrd euros will go on support of the Irish bank sector and 50 mlrd euro - on satisfaction of budgetary needs of the country, confirm sources.
However while it is not known, in what shares participation of IMF and the European anti-recessionary institutes in the financial help to Dublin will be distributed. According to some information, the IMF will give Ireland nearby 20 mlrd euro, and other means will be allocated by the European mechanism of financial stability (EFSM) and the European fund of financial stability (EFSF).
EFSM is a reserve fund in volume 60 mlrd the euro which are under control of Eurocommission. EFSF - a credit pool in potential volume to 690 mlrd the euro organised in May 2010. The eurozone countries in reply to the Greek debt crisis.
in a past week-end the government of Ireland has officially asked the European Union and IMF to give to it a multi-billion credit package with a view of stabilisation of public finances and national bank sector. Thus, Dublin has addressed to the scheme for the first time tested by Greece in the spring of this year. It is supposed that details of the financial help will be co-ordinated within several weeks.
experts of EU and IMF will lean, in particular, against parametres of the four-year program of reduction of budgetary deficiency which has been presented this week. Ireland plans to 2014. To reduce budgetary deficiency to 2,8 % from gross national product (in 2009. This indicator made 14,4 %), in total deficiency will be corrected on 15 mlrd euro.