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Russia and EU can appear in a uniform currency zone

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin supposes that Russia and Europe in the long term can be in a uniform currency zone. He has stated such opinion today at an economic forum in Berlin.
it is possible to assume that Russia when - that will be with Europe in one any currency zone. Quite it I suppose - the Russian prime minister has told.
arguing on an investment climate in Russia and in Europe, V.Putin has specified that German chancellor Angela Merkel marks problems of work of the European investors in Russia.
certainly, there are in Russia problems. But at our investors arises much more problems in Europe, than at your investors in Russia - V.Putin has told. we should leave on such direction of cooperation that it there was a street with two-way traffic - he has added.
the Russian prime minister considers that problems with access of the Russian investors on the world markets have political character and grow out of stereotypes.
there are any things at subconsciousness level, and why - that seems to some that the capital the company of the Russian origin " cannot own; - he has told. At the same time he has noticed that does not consider it necessary to dramatize a situation. I spoke about it not to complain, and paid attention that such problems exist and it is necessary to work together over deepening of our economic cooperation - the head of the government of the Russian Federation has noticed.
he also has thanked German colleagues for an appreciation of actions of Russia in economic sphere, recognising thus that in something this estimation while, maybe, nezasluzhenna. However he has assured that the authorities of the Russian Federation are familiar with problems existing in the Russian economy and actively work over them.