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V.Putin has suggested Germans to go behind fire wood to Siberia

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has exclaimed surprise by a policy of Germany and a position of the German public in power sphere. Answering questions of participants of an economic forum in Berlin, he has noticed that the German public does not like atomic engineering.
I do not want to make comments in any way on it, but I do not understand, than will heat? - V.Putin has asked. you do not want some gas, atomic engineering do not develop. Fire wood will heat? - it has continued. After the small pause caused by loud laughter in a hall, V.Putin ascertained that to Germans and behind fire wood it is necessary to go to Siberia . At you and fire wood is not present - he has concluded.
the prime minister - the minister also has noticed that in the field of electric power industry the Russian market also is opened for foreigners. In branch multi-billion investments are made, including from the German companies. According to V.Putin, even in very sensitive regions of the country where the electric power industry is closely connected with nuclear manufacture, the Russian Federation goes on, that to give controlling stocks and even to 100 % of the property of generating capacities .
V.Putin also has noticed that in oil and gas sector in the Russian Federation almost all largest foreign companies work. Thus restrictions exist only on so-called deposits of national value with stocks of world level.
but there there is no interdiction - V.Putin has told, having added that there are rules on which decisions on deposits are accepted on the special governmental commissions. He also has noticed that the Russian power sector is opened for investments from - for a boundary.