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Gazprom can transfer deposits in the capital of the joint venture with Petrogas

Open Society Gazprom can transfer deposits in the Astrakhan region in the capital of joint venture (joint venture) with Petrogas of Ukraine . The press is told About it - concern services in the message referring to results of a meeting of head of Gazprom Alexey Miller and the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Yury Bojko.
As it is marked in the message, at a meeting it was a question of resource base which can be transferred Gazprom in the joint venture. the parties have considered concrete deposits, including in the Astrakhan region - mark in a press - service.
we will remind that in the middle of November Gazprom and Petrogas of Ukraine have made decision to begin an estimation of actives which can be brought in the joint venture.
for the first time the offer on association of Gazprom and Petrogas of Ukraine The prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on taken place 2010 has stated on April, 30th. In Sochi session of committee concerning economic cooperation Russian - the Ukrainian interstate commission. However originally Ukrainian party it is pessimistic estimated such prospect.
the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has declared that association of Gazprom and NAK Petrogas of Ukraine it is impossible. If 50 on 50 will be, then it will be interesting - he has declared then, having noticed that hardly probable Moscow will go on such scenario. In turn, the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has reminded that Gazprom costs nearby 150 (by the lowermost estimation) or 200 (on an appreciation, concerning high) mlrd dollars . Petrogas costs less, at all respect for it - he has added.
however the companies have started discussion of possibility of stage-by-stage association. As spoke in June 2010. And. Miller, the Russian company already does offers on concrete deposits which can be brought in this joint venture. these are major fields - A.Miller has told. As he said, it is supposed that the Ukrainian party will bring in joint venture gas-transport and dobychnuju systems Petrogas of Ukraine .
In turn Gazprom should bring more major fields - A.Miller has noted. In particular, he has told that if cost of the Ukrainian actives will reach, for example, 800 mlrd rbl. Russia will bring in the joint venture actives for the same sum or on 1 trln rbl.