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Europe does not have alternative to the supplier of gas on to Northern stream

In Europe there is no second manufacturer, besides Gazprom which could start up gas on to Northern stream . Such opinion Angela Merkel on joint has stated the federal chancellor of Germany a press - conferences from premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
as to the gas market there not so it is a lot of manufacturers, and I do not know the second manufacturer who could on to Northern stream to give gas - she has told.
A.Merkel has reminded that the European countries as a whole adhere to a position about necessity of division of industrial and distributive capacities, so far as concerns transport, including pipeline, or, for example, about electric power industry.
at the same time, as she said, Germany never was the friend of this philosophy . And. Merkel has assured that Germany though supports administrative division of manufacture and transportation of this or that production, considers, as that and another can be in one hands.
it also has reminded that so-called the third power package (the package of documents in power sphere) comes into force concerning Russia, since 2013., and to this term it is necessary to work all subtleties of application of new norms.