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Company E. On Company E plans to sell the share in Gazprom

. On plans to sell the share in Gazprom. The head of German committee of economic relations has declared it with the Eastern Europe Klaus Mangold who was present at a meeting of premieres - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin and general manager E. On Johannesa Tajssena, transfers Reuters.
Representatives of German concern have refused comments on this question.
according to some information, E. On will sell the share to the Russian Bank of development and foreign trade activities (Foreign trade and investment bank). The German company can sell the of 3,5 % of Gazprom, this share is estimated in 4,5 mlrd dollars of All E. On plans to sell to 2013. A number of actives for the sum 15 mlrd dollars
earlier Russian mass-media wrote that leaving Gazprom capital, E. ON will improve the financial position. In the beginning of November the head of concern Iohannes Tajsen said that in 2011 - 2013. Plans to involve nearby 15 mlrd euro from sale of actives. The American agencies in turn inform that management E. ON considers including possibility of sale to 49 % of actions in most E. ON Ruhrgas AG.
German company E. On is the private electropower Europe private electropower and gas concern. Into group enters E. On Ruhrgas AG to which belongs about 6,5 % of actions of Gazprom. The concern co-operates with Gazprom also in the project of gas pipeline Nord Stream ( Northern stream ). For its realisation Gazprom, German E. On and BASF have created in December 2005. The company - the operator of building of gas pipeline Nord Stream AG.