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Portugal and Spain deny that need the financial help of EU

the Head of Eurocommission Jose Manuel Barroso has denied hearings that Portugal becomes the following country to which the emergency financial help can be given from the eurozone countries.
the similar statement was made also by the prime minister - the minister of Portugal Jose Sokratesh, transfers Bi - bi - si.
Today it became known that the Portuguese parliament has accepted the budget on 2011., in which the program on reduction of expenses on social sphere and increase of the tax to additional cost on 23 % is put. According to the Portuguese authorities, these measures should help to reduce a budgeted deficit to 4,6 % of gross national product in 2011. From predicted 7,3 % in 2010.
After premieres - the minister of Spain Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in interview of local radio station has declared that the country will not address to the eurozone countries for the financial help. The politician has added that in the country the program on budgeted deficit reduction is already started. Following the results of 2009. The external debt of Spain made 560 mlrd euro, or approximately 60 % of gross national product of this state
Assumptions that Portugal and Spain will address for economic support to the block countries, began to express after on such step the authorities of Ireland have gone.
the decision of the Irish authorities to address to the European Union behind the help for payment of debts of the banks has led to euro falling in relation to dollar to a mark 1,32. Dublin at the moment carries on negotiations with Bruxelles and the International currency fund (IMF) for conditions of granting of the help. Its size can make 85 mlrd euro.
Ireland becomes the second European Union country which is compelled to resort to the help of the European Union and IMF. In the end of May 2010. The management of these structures has made decision to allocate 110 mlrd euro to the Greek authorities not to admit a default in this country.