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Iceland has refused to sell a part of the territory to the Chinese

the Authorities of Iceland, the offer of one of the richest businessmen of China, Juan Nubo have rejected on sale to it of three hundred square kilometres of the earth, informs Bi - bi - si.
According to the Icelandic officials, in the history of the country yet there was no case of sale to foreigners of such huge territory.
Juan Nubo planned to get a site at northern coast of island and to base there a tourist resort.
some critics stated fears that this transaction would give the chance to China to base strategic base in Arctic regions which natural resources development causes the increasing interest in Beijing.
we will remind, by estimations of scientists, in Arctic regions there are the richest oil fields and gas. Disputes round a question who exactly will be engaged in their working out, proceed many years. In particular, Russia insists on increase in territory of the shelf.
With Moscow Denmark, Canada, the USA do not agree, which wish to expand the possession. Apply for a piece the Arctic pie both China located far in the south and Japan.