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Week at the Russian stock exchanges will begin growth

the External background to start the auctions in the Russian market on Monday, on November, 26th, is moderately positive. On Friday the auctions on the American platforms were closed by growth.
on Monday futures for the American indexes bargain in “ a minus “ which is provoked by neutral moods in at stock exchanges of Shanghai and Hong Kong. The prices for oil and metals are stable. On this background the Russian market will begin week with small lifting.
macroeconomic the Share auctions in Europe on November, 23rd 2012γ. Have come to the end with growth of the basic indexes. The macroeconomic reporting of Germany became the main motivation for activity of investors. Berlin has reported about growth of national gross national product on 0,2 % in III quarter of this year in comparison with the last quarter. Along with it, stock exchanges have prepared to that can be declared on November, 26th shift in the course of the decision of the Greek debt crisis the decision on transfer to Athenes the next tranche of credit aid, in particular, can be approved.
the share auctions in the USA on Friday, on November, 23rd have ended with growth: index Dow Jones has grown on 172,79 points (+1,35 %), having reached 13009,68 points, NASDAQ - on 40,3 points (+1,38 %), to 2966,85 points, index S &P - on 18,12 points (+1,3 %), to 1409,15 points. On the Asian share platforms buyers on November, 26th prevailed. By 08:00 Moscow time index Straits Times - on 0,52 %, All Ordinaries - on 0,25 %, Nikkei 225 - on 0,8 %. At the same time Hang Seng has decreased on 0,01 %, Shanghai Composite - on 0,04 %.
the Goods Quotations Brent last week were rather volatilny against uncertainty in the market in view of activization of the military conflict between Israel and grouping “ Hamas “. If to draw an analogy with the previous military operation of Israel in Gaza Strip (“ Cast lead “ in 2008-2009γγ.) The further escalation of the conflict (even in case of carrying out of land operation) will give only short-term support to the prices for oil, is believed by analysts “ VTB the Capital “. In bank specify that the offer in the world market of oil from the beginning of year exceeds demand owing to what the oil prices can enter into a mode of considerable correction as soon as the attention of investors will return to fundamental market factors.
by 08:00 Moscow time Monday the contract on oil of mark Brent was on a mark 111,12 dollars/ barr. (- 0,23 %), Light Sweet bargained at level 88,00 dollars/ barr. (- 0,32 %). Against economy growth in the USA and revival in Europe in 2013γ. The fear and necessity of searches " will disappear; smooth waters “ which precious metals are. It will lead their cost more close to fundamental values. It means that gold and silver will feel worse. In a prize will appear platinoidy. At 08:00 Moscow time on Monday futures for gold were on a mark 1748,5 dollars/ ounce (- 1,66 %), silver - 34,0 dollars/ ounce (- 0,37 %), platinum - 1612 dollars/ ounce (- 0,31 %), a palladium - 662,15 dollars/ ounce (- 0,82 %).
Forex New week for euro began about procorfs. The basic driver - flight from risk against uncertainty with “ fiscal breakage “ in the USA. In particular, on the threshold of new week messages that progress in negotiations has not been reached have arrived.
“ fiscal breakage “ means automatic cancellation of the tax privileges entered earlier by the president of the country by George Bush - younger, and also returning of tax rates to level 2001γ. Experts notice that if US authorities and cannot overcome interparty disagreements and agree about, how to prevent “ fiscal breakage “ the American economy can plunge into recession. In the USA last 10 days legislators have not reached the big progress in negotiations on a prevention question “ fiscal breakage “ which can occur in the beginning 2013γ. Such opinion was stated by the senator from Democratic party Dik Durbin, transfers Reuters. According to D.Durbina, the congress did not give sufficient attention to this problem. At inactivity of the president and the congress almost on 600 mlrd dollars and reduction of expenses can already strike increase in taxes on private enterprises in the beginning of January 2013γ. US president Barack Obama wants to raise tax rates on incomes of the richest group of the American citizens, however republicans assert that it will prevent creation of workplaces. At the same time republicans aspire to cut down social programs in a greater degree, than it is comprehensible to democrats.
the next epoch-making decision to the USA turns to show. It seems that legislators have decided to play again on nerves of speculators and own fellow citizens. Certainly, all action will have happy end, but to it is still far. So, the dollar can continue to be in demand against flight from risk.
the share markets Session in the Russian market on Friday, on November, 23rd, has begun a rise in prices of the majority of liquid actions for a neutral external background. The day before the auctions on the American platforms were not spent in connection with Thanksgiving Day celebrating, and on Friday morning futures for indexes of the USA showed moderate increase. At the Asian stock exchanges optimism on November, 23rd dominated. The share auctions in Europe started mainly increase of indexes. The first day of the summit of leaders of EU where the block budget the next seven years was discussed has the day before come to the end, but any agreements has not been reached. At the European stock exchanges the statistics could render influence on dynamics of quotations. So, there was definitive data about gross national product of Germany in III quarter 2012γ., which did not become unexpectedness: The indicator in comparison with the last quarter has raised on 0,2 %, as well as analysts expected.
in the Russian share market after positive opening of the auctions the further growth of indexes went hardly, the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange even has had time to visit near to a mark of 1400 points. However to end of session it nevertheless has found forces for a jump upwards. Following the results of trading session on November, 23rd the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 0,75 % - to 1413,15 points, RTS has risen on 0,85 % and has reached a point 1432,01 points. The volume of the auctions at the Moscow stock exchange following the results of day has made 340,24 mlrd rbl.
the Forecast the Russian market has finished week on the major note. On Friday it has reached levels, unprecedented from the beginning of November. Growth will proceed and forthcoming week - ahead the end of the year, and the markets are included into a stage of Christmas rally, any procorfs of quotations will be “ to be redeemed “ on purpose to make indexes above, and compensation of operating funds - is more.
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