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The Internet - sales on Black Friday for the first time have passed for $1 mlrd

Retail online - sales on Black Friday for the first time have exceeded 1 mlrd dollars, transfers Reuters, referring to the analytical company comScore Inc.
Volume the Internet - sales in the first day of a season of holiday Christmas discounts has increased by 26 % and has made 1,04 mlrd dollars from 816 million dollars year before. Thus most visited sites of steel Amazon. com, Wal - Mart Stores, Best Buy, Target and Apple.
As they say in research comScore, demand for electronic books, music and video has grown on 29 % of percent.
in the meantime as a whole this year buyers in the USA have spent for 1,8 % less, than in the past. The sales volume has made 11,2 mlrd dollars, was told the day before in the message of analytical company ShopperTrack. In 2011. Expenses of buyers on purchases Experts have reached 11,40 mlrd dollars believe that results 2012. Concede 2011. From - for flow of buyers in shops in the late evening on November, 22nd - on Thanksgiving Day.
we will notice that Black Friday in the USA marks itself has begun day of start of traditional Christmas sales. The term is connected by that to accounting system in the USA red colour means a loss, and black - profit. By some estimations, last two months of year promise to shops to 40 percent of all annual gain.