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Corporation gosroskosmos it decided not to create yet

Working group on reforming of space branch has rejected the offer on abolition of Federal space agency (Russian Space Department) and to creation on its base of state corporation, has informed at meeting at the head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin.
Russian Space Department considered this offer as the most perspective. However the working group has come to a conclusion about inexpediency of such variant - D.Rogozin has noted.
a variant at which Russian Space Department remained only as planning and co-ordinating body with powers on placing gosoboronzakaza, and the enterprises of space branch united in Open Society of holding type with functions on management of the industry, also support has not received.
As the basic variant, by words vitse - the premiere, is offered expansion of powers and functions of Russian Space Department with simultaneous integration of existing structures of management is rocket - space branch by a shop principle.
it is a question of concentration of design and industrial potential and carrying out of a uniform technical policy. This offer can be realised in short terms and does not demand work on change standard - legal base - D.Rogozin has noted.
preliminary it is offered to allocate in separate holdings working out orbitalno - space means, deducing means, ekspluatatsionshchikov a science and a test complex, the enterprises of strategic rocket arms.
at the same time it is offered to increase number of employees of Russian Space Department which now makes 215 persons, and in 2013. It planned to reduce to 191 persons. Thus, under the agency statements, demanded number of the personnel makes 450 persons.
in turn D.Medvedev has noticed that considers necessary serious reforming of space branch of the country.
we need to be defined, on what way to go. It is a question of transformations to Russian Space Department central office, it is necessary to create the effective mechanism - the head of the government has noted, having added that considers necessary to strengthen control over quality of production in is rocket - space branch.
all emergencies have been analysed, drawn conclusions, the main thing consists in that insufficient control over quality of let out production has been replaced on high-grade, that is sufficient - he has noted.
in this connection D. Medvedev has suggested to restore institute of military acceptance, to renew work of the interdepartmental commission on space for objective examination of projects of branch and to accept special regulations of interdepartmental interaction for maintenance of operative preparation of decisions concerning corporate governance the organisations which enter into sphere of conducting Russian Space Department.
the head of the government has underlined that it is impossible to admit exhaustions of already turned out potential of space branch, it should be restored every year.
the state allocates decent resources for space branch, financing stably grows. Nevertheless problems suffices - failures, non-staff situations, therefore we should continue work not to suppose such failures in the future, the space technics of new generation with higher indicators of reliability, durability, more effective technics " is necessary for us also; - the head of the government has added.
Upon termination of meeting at premieres - the minister the head of Russian Space Department Vladimir Popovkin has informed journalists that the question on possibility of creation of state corporation on space activity will be again considered upon termination of I quarter 2013.
As he said, vitse - it is entrusted to prime minister Dmitry Rogozin following the results of I quarter 2013. To analyse, as management of branch has changed, and to present offers on its further centralisation and possibility of creation of state corporation.
the basic decision on strengthening of holdings of Russian Space Department is accepted, them will be created five or six, and it is offered to continue work on centralisation to management of space branch, without excluding a variant of creation of state corporation on the basis of Russian Space Department and the enterprises entering into its structure - V.Popovkin has told.