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Weak data from Germany promotes euro growth

On Monday of euro with opening of the auctions in Europe has gone upwards, by 12:30 Moscow time its price has made 1,253 US dollars. To growth by the European of currency promotes, strangely enough, the weak statistics from Germany - this country takes of a position a hawk in relation to policy ETSB. The given position in many respects is based on force of economy of Germans but if it starts to lose in dynamics, Germany can follow the tastes at pigeons ETSB and to agree on softening of a monetary policy.
Bundesbank is guarded
Head Bundesbanka (the Central bank of Germany) by Jens Vajdmann has spoken against the plan of the European central bank on support of economy of the separate states by a method of buying up of state bonds, transfers Reuters. Purchase of state bonds ETSB can become some kind of a drug for economy. In long-term prospect the given program only will do much harm to EU economy, instead of will rescue it - he has declared to German mass-media.
earlier representatives of Germany spoke against time and again plans ETSB on purchase of state bonds of Italy and Spain, and also other EU countries with high level of a state debt. But the given policy is one-sided and favourable only Germany with its strong economy. Signals of weakness and from this country now have started to arrive.
business moods fall
the Index of business moods in Germany, counted by research institute Ifo, in August 2012. Has decreased in comparison with the last month and has made 102,3 points. Analysts predicted that value of an index will make 102,7 points.
last month value of an index, under the reconsidered data, has made 103,3 points (as well as it was informed earlier). An index of current business conditions in August 2012. Has made 111,2 points at the forecast of analysts in 110,8 points, and an index of expectations - 94,2 points at the forecast in 95 points. The index of business moods in Germany pays off on the basis of poll of heads of 7 thousand leading companies about a current and expected situation in economy.
this index - the advancing indicator showing confidence of real economy in the future. And, seemingly, moods start to worsen. It can become the strong driver for paradigm change in the politician of Germany and remove barriers to interventions from party ETSB. Certainly, institute Ifo data will be insufficiently, however this statistics can be supported by other messages.
as a result of euro is in demand, though this demand in many respects speculative and is directed on buying up of cheap bonds of periphery of a zone of euro. As soon as ETSB will enter the market, demand for euro will evaporate, and the currency will return to a habitual trajectory of decrease.
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