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The Ministry of Agriculture offers to fill in a drought money

the Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) of the Russian Federation intends to ask the government of Russia about allocation to the regions which have suffered from a drought of the country of interest-free budgetary credits for the term up to 3 years. Possibility of granting of such loans is provided by the federal legislation in case of occurrence of emergency situations.
now from - for droughts in a number of regions of Russia there was a critical situation on which permission granting of additional means of the federal budget already is required in the near future, has declared during the meeting which have passed in the Ministry of Agriculture zamglavy departments Dmitry Jurev.
Participants of meeting also have discussed possibility of allocation to regions 6 mlrd rbl. in the form of grants for equation of budgets. These means will go on purchase and preparation of forages for a bird, pigs and preservation of a number of cattle, and also on maintenance of the suffered economy with seeds and mineral fertilizers.
earlier the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia has addressed to the insurance companies with the request to accelerate payment of insurance compensation under contracts of insurance with the state support, the prisoner with the agricultural manufacturers who have suffered from a drought. As it is marked in the message of the Ministry of Agriculture, losses from a drought are estimated at present approximately in 37 mlrd roubles. The area of seriously suffered crops makes about 5,7 million hectares from which it is insured only about 1 million hectares (18,6 %). At a rough guess, insurance compensation under the concluded contracts of insurance can make to 9,2 mlrd roubles.
Earlier the head of Federal Agency of hydrometeorology and monitoring of environment Alexander Frolov declared that deficiencies of deposits and dry winds which have strengthened a soil drought became the reason of the big losses of a crop.
in the Saratov region the area of the lost crops makes 7 %, in Republic Bashkortostan - 15 %, in the Orenburg region - almost 30 %, in Volgograd - 33 %, in Kalmykia - 63 %. Calculations of productivity of grain, leguminous cultures, and also on their separate components are Now executed: wheat, summer, winter, barley and so on. This forecast makes 77 - 80 million tons, it approximately on 7 - 10 million tons is less, than on the average for five years and approximately on 15 - 16 million tons is less, than last year. But it above, than catastrophic poor harvests which at us were observed in 2010. - A.Frolov on taken place 2012 has declared on July, 27th. Session under the direction of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.
In the ocheredt D.Medvedev has charged to the assistant Arcady Dvorkovichu and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation to prepare the offer on measures of support of agriculture in connection with a drought.