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Gazprom will stop gas deliveries on the pipeline Yamal - Europe

Open Society Gazprom will stop work of a gas pipeline Yamal - Europe from 10:00 Moscow time on August, 28th 2012. At 40 o`clock for complex carrying out according to plan - preventive and repair work, have given in management of the information of holding.
repair work on a gas pipeline Yamal - Europe will be synchronously spent in territories of Russia and Poland in this connection transportation of natural gas will be temporarily suspended. Giving of gas to consumers for PPR will be carried out at the expense of increase in volumes of its transportation on a gas pipeline Northern stream .
In the company have noticed that work has been provided in advance and co-ordinated with all parties in the end 2011.
According to Polish PGNiG, the daily requirement of Poland in vysokometanovom natural gas makes about 68 million in cubic m and is satisfied in full. Deliveries make of internal sources more than 7 million in cubic m.
we Will remind that packing of the second thread of a gas pipeline Northern stream has been finished on April, 18th 2012. The thread will be ready to the beginning of deliveries of gas to Europe by the end 2012. On termination of starting-up and adjustment works and filling with technical gas. After an exit on designed capacity of both threads completely automated gas-transport system can transport 55 mlrd cubic m of gas a year.
Yamal - Europe passes a transnational gas pipeline on territory of four countries - Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. The highway originates from Torzhok in the Tver region and comes to an end around Frankfurt an der Oder near to German - the Polish border.
gas pipeline building has begun in 1994 g, and with introduction in a system in 2006 of last compressor station a gas pipeline Yamal - Europe left on designed capacity in 32,9 mlrd cubic m a year. Quantity of compressor stations on a gas pipeline - 14, diameter of pipes - 1420 mm, the general extent - more than 2 thousand in km. Extent of the Russian site makes 402 km, Belarus - 575 km, Polish - 683 km.