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Rescue of banks of Spain have estimated in 62 mlrd euro

Spain (EU) on rekapitalizatsiju the Spanish bank system is required 62 mlrd euro from 100 mlrd the euro, allocated earlier the European Union, transfers Reuters the statement of the Minister of Economics of the country of Luis de to Gindosa.
in such sum financial needs of bank sector of Spain have been estimated following the results of the first audit of bank system of the country, made by companies Rolan Berger and Oliver Wyman. The results of audit Meanwhile published on June, 21st of this year assumed that for restoration of bank system of Spain it is required from 51 mlrd euro to 62 mlrd euro. Thus - Banco Santander, BBVA and Caixabank - injection of the additional capital even is not required to three largest Spanish banks at the worst scenario, was told in the report.
in the meantime L de Gindos has expressed confidence that results of the second audit which will be published in the middle of September 2012. Also will reflect fuller picture of a situation in bank sector of Spain, will not differ considerably from already available. The final report will be prepared Deloitte, Ernst and Young, PriceWaterhouse Coopers and KPMG and will represent results of testing of 90 % of bank sector of the country.
the minister also expects that the European central bank (ETSB) shortly will begin buying up of the Spanish state bonds for simplification of financial loading. the Spanish government understands that intervention ETSB on the secondary market of state papers of Spain should not lead to reduction of efforts on nalogovo - budgetary consolidation - has specified L de Gindos. He is assured that long recession which national economy tests the third quarter successively, will not lead to inability of Spain to reach target nalogovo - budgetary indicators to what the governmental forecast of volume of receipts in the budget from surtax testifies.
thus L. de Gindos has underlined that Spain is ready on more rigid budgetary obligations in reply to the help from party ETSB. It is necessary to notice that the day before head of German Bundesbanka Jens Vajdman has spoken against again program ETSB under the repayment of state bonds of debitor countries for the purpose of profitableness decrease on them.
Earlier in mass-media there was an information that Spain carries on negotiations with partners in an eurozone for granting of the high-grade financial help for stabilisation of cost of loans of the Spanish government. As a preferable variant use of resources of operating European fund of financial stability (EFSF) for acquisition of the Spanish state bonds at primary auctions, that is direct financing of budgetary deficiency was called.
we will remind, today also it became known that the data under gross national product of Spain for 2010. And 2011. Are reconsidered towards fall. So, the Spanish economy in 2010. According to the reconsidered data, it was reduced to 0,3 % though the previous data testified to decrease on 0,1 %. Following the results of 2011. Gross national product of Spain has grown on 0,4 % though earlier it was informed on growth on 0,7 %, the published data of National institute of statistics of the country testifies to it.