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Acts of terrorism in the USA influence the price of air tickets in Russia

Open Society Aeroflot - the Russian airlines does not predict falling of aviatransportations in Russia in communication sterroristicheskimi certificates in the USA. It was declared by the general director of the company Valery Okulov.
as he said, all indicators connected with system of reservation and booking of tickets, neotmechajut demand falling. The market of world aviatransportations is influenced, first of all, by emotional subjective factors in connection with recent acts of terrorism. However tragical events vssha will be reflected in cost of air transportation.
to avoid radical increase of cost of transportations, Russian aviation vlastirassmatrivajut as one of ways inclusion in air ticket cost dopolnitelnogosbora, connected with increase in insurance payments. The general director Aeroflot Has underlined, chtoesli such decision will be accepted at the state level the given payment will not be podlezhatpolnomu to the taxation.
Valery Okulov has noticed that the government has taken a 30-days break for this purpose, chtobyvyrabotat mutually acceptable decisions. And, as it was informed, the government of Russia operatively iadekvatno has reacted to a difficult situation in the field of air transportation, having accepted segodnjareshenie about granting of the state guarantees for domestic airlines on pokrytijulimita responsibility before the third parties in a part military risks . In this connection resheniemmozhno to hope that aviatransportations will not be curtailed, and flights will proceed.
the government has charged to Ministry of Transport vzveshenno and it is strict to approach to definition of airlines, nakotorye state guarantees will extend. First of all, this approach will be applied kkompanijam, carrying out the international flights Valery Okulov, not dolzhnaostanovitsja, thus, has noted activity of charter carriers, at least, providing vyvozpassazhirov from vacation spots.