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Northern Alliance has refused to the USA the territory

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Abdulla Abdulla has refused to the USA placing in territory of the American armies supervised by Northern Alliance. Abdulla also has declared that this question was not discussed at all with a management of the USA. At the same time, the management of Northern Alliance has declared readiness to assist armies of the USA in information support, in particular, about an arrangement of bases and camps of terrorists in Afghanistan, and also in fire updating at realisation of military operation of the USA against Talibs.
we will remind that according to the ambassador of Afghanistan in the Russian Federation Abdula Vahaba Assefi, armies of Northern Alliance supervise 30 % of territory of the country.
and, naturally, the management of Afghanistan supports carrying out of antiterrorist operation in republic territory, however such operation should be thought well over and spent under control of corresponding international bodies - the ambassador has underlined. In its opinion, close coordination of forces of all international community is necessary for successful carrying out of such operation.
and main objectives of antiterrorist operation, according to the diplomat, there should be a termination of intervention of Afghanistan by movement of Talibs, liquidation of bases and camps of terrorists and granting to the people of Afghanistan of the right to self-determination.