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The NATO will be included into Macedonia

United Nations Security council the unanimous decision has supported expansion in Macedonia of forces of the NATO for safety of civil observers of OSCE and the European Union. The problem of NATO peacemakers will include besides safety of the international civil observers, protection of coming back refugees, performance of police functions in the areas supervised the Albanian liberation army .
In turn, the authorities of Macedonia insist, that number of this contingent did not exceed 700 persons, and duration of the mandate was not longer 3 months.
we will remind that the NATO management has accepted the plan of new peace-making operation in Macedonia which will receive nazyvanie the Amber fox also it will be carried out prior to the beginning of expansion of the basic forces.
Earlier, the president of Macedonia Boris Trajkovsky has applied to an alliance management about creation of a small military group for protection of civil observers of OSCE.
it is necessary to notice that the previous operation of armies of the North Atlantic alliance on the Balkans was so-called the Basic crop which purpose consisted in gathering of the weapon at the Albanian insurgents.