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Kasyanov defines strategy of development of banks

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Michael Kasyanov, opening session of the government of the Russian Federation where joint strategy of the government and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is considered, has declared that without the developed and steady bank sector, according to world practice, cannot exist neither stock market, nor financial intermediary. Till now in Russia concern remained that development of bank system lags behind the industry: requirements both to an authorised capital stock of banks, and to their management have been reconstructed and increased.
today, Kasyanov has noted, it is necessary to answer a question on what else steps are necessary for undertaking in the given direction. Central Bank and government strategy should be supported by the concrete plan of action, that to leave on that level of reliability of bank system when it becomes the locomotive of development of economy .
the Prime minister - minister Michael Kasyanov has reminded that else the problem three years ago was put to develop a series of measures so that the bank sector became steady against changes of an economic conjuncture and world bank crises that it became the tool of financial intermediary for an overflow of resources from one sector of economy in another.
the head of the government Besides, has noted, a problem of the developed bank sector is attraction of means of the population so that it has been assured of preservation and preumnozhenii the contributions, it is necessary to improve also quality of services of financial institutions according to the international requirements; the enterprises also should be assured that it at cooperation with banks will be not only the minimum income is provided, but also preservation of means is guaranteed. Kasyanov has especially underlined that in bank sector the competition should be worthy, and it promotes attraction of investments.