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MPR is ready to withdraw 200 licences on nedropolzovanie

From total of the licences which have been given out on nedropolzovanie, about 200 licences it is possible izymatza default of licence agreements.
it was declared by the deputy minister of natural resources of the Russian Federation Cyril Jankov. As he said, knastojashchemu to time MPR has given out about 50 thousand licences, on 40 which % at the ministry estvoprosy .
Cyril Jankov has noticed that now Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources did not start yet check obshcherasprostranennyhpoleznyh minerals (for example, water, sand), however in the nearest plans of department vhoditprodolzhenie works on check of performance by the companies of conditions of licence agreements ponedropolzovaniju. In case of revealing of infringements and default by the companies of conditions of the licence budutotzyvatsja, and on working out of deposits new competition will be held.
As to the largest scandal of last time - dispute on competition results pomestorozhdeniju Val Gamburtseva - that Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources intends to challenge last decision sudebnyhinstantsy. Answering a question on the further actions of the ministry in reply to resheniekassatsionnoj instances of the Oryol regional court from September, 26th, which podtverzhdaetzakonnost and validity obespechitelnyh the measures accepted under the complaint of shareholders of Open Society Severnajaneft on actions MPR, Cyril Jankov has noticed that mutually exclusive decisions regional sudovmeshajut to performance by state structures of their functions. As he said, the company Northern oil by this time has not satisfied a condition of the licence agreement on a deposit of ValGamburtseva. In particular, the company on agreement conditions now should list in bjudzhetnenetskogo joint-stock company in which territory there is a deposit, 108 million dollars nasotsialno - economic development of region, however means are not listed till now. We will remind, the company proves it that Legislative Assembly of Nenets joint-stock company not utverdiloporjadok program financings socially - economic development. Besides, nenetskijgubernator Vladimir Butov declares that Northern oil is far not most krupnymnarushitelem conditions nedropolzovanija, and the companies Arhangelskgeoldobycha more than 70 % aktsijkotoroj belong to LUKOIL and SeverTEK (on 50 % at LUKOIL and Finnish Fortum) suppose ibolee gross infringements.
answering a question on possibility of negotiations of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources with Northern oil Cyril Jankovpodcherknul that at department with the company administratively - legal relations, instead of equal in rights, however any nedropolzovatel can come to change with the offer licence conditions . The Pokapodobnogo offer from Northern oil in the ministry did not arrive.