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The Ministries of Finance of the Russian Federation and the USA have begun fight against terrorism

the Ministries of Finance of the Russian Federation and the USA have begun consultations as agreed actions on presechenijufinansirovanija the international terrorism, having agreed to conduct consultations nareguljarnoj to a basis.
as has informed vitse - the prime minister of the government of the Russian Federation, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, the first zamestitelministra the finance of the USA Kenneth Dan in telephone conversation has informed the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation about konkretnyhdejstvijah which the American financial department will undertake in the near future.
it is a question of actions to execute the decree of US president George Bush on overlapping finansovyhpotokov and to blocking of own and property interests of the persons involved to terroristicheskojdejatelnosti. In particular, Kenneth Dan named 27 organisations, which now uzherassmatrivajutsja the American administration as possibly concerning to finansovymoperatsijam terrorists. This list while is incomplete.
Alexey Kudrin and Kenneth Dan have discussed questions of the coordination of actions against finansirovanijamezhdunarodnogo terrorism and have communicated about it. vitse - the prime minister podtverdilgotovnost the Russian Federation to join corresponding steps as in bilateral, and vmnogostoronnem a format, being based on operating in the Russian legislation and raspolagajainformatsiej which is available at the Russian supervising bodies. According to AleksejaKudrina, an important part of efforts of Russia directed on overlapping of channels finansirovanijamezhdunarodnogo of terrorism, the come into force law on counteraction legalizatsiidohodov, received by a criminal way is.
during conversation it has been decided to add for the purpose of adjustment of regular consultations of Ministries of Finance Rfi of the USA with their meeting of experts of two departments on struggle with finansirovaniemmezhdunarodnogo terrorism.
today the Minister of Finance of the USA the Floor About ` Nile has declared that in business Detection and freezings financial assets the terrorist number one Osama bin Ladens will reach considerable success. The American minister has confidently noticed that progress will reach not only the government of the USA, but also other countries however has not opened the exact sum of the specified means, having noticed only that it it is considerable .