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The IMF has called to bolshej and the best globalizatsiii

the International currency fund of IMF) recognised that its some credit programs are imperfect and need reforming. the IMF is in a stage of changes - the managing director of fund Horst Keller has declared to journalists.
the briefing has been devoted a meeting of representatives of world financial elite which will begin today in Washington. In a meeting organised by the International currency fund and the World bank, delegates of 184 countries will take part.
the head of IMF also has declared to critics of globalisation, including demonstrators who intend to organise in protest today demonstrations opposite a staff - apartments of IMF and the World Bank that divides their fears. According to H.Keller, benefits from globalisation between the countries share non-uniformly, especially it concerns the poor countries. However objectivity demands not the globalisation termination, and bolshej and the best globalisation - the head of IMF has underlined. In its opinion, world trade - the best chance for the poor countries to be integrated into world economy.
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