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Monks of a monastery a Shaolin there have begun struggle for the brand

Monks of the Chinese monastery a Shaolin try to protect the name of the monastery from aggressive use by market businessmen. Within several last months the monastery tries to register the rights to the name a Shaolin and a monastery a Shaolin in Vsekitajsky administration of the industry and trade. Monks even have created special firm Henan Shaolin Temple Industrial Development Lt. Co. For protection of the name of a monastery from offensive use its names in commercial objectives.
the recent research spent by patent agency of China in 11 countries and regions, has shown that a name a Shaolin 117 times are used in the various registered names. These names are given without any coordination with a monastery. In the China more than hundred various subjects, including cars, furniture, products, alcoholic drinks and medicines, use a name a Shaolin .
the Monastery a Shaolin has been based in 496 year and has received popularity as the birthplace of unique system of the hand-to-hand fight known now as kun - faugh . Special popularity to a monastery in the modern world have brought in 70 - e years of the last century the feature films popularising a unique kind of the Chinese single combats.
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