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Having lost $1 mlrd in Uzbekistan, MTS have finished half-year at a loss

Open Society Mobile Telesystems (MTS) in II quarter 2012. Has written off 1 mlrd 79 million dollars in connection with leaving of the company from the market of Uzbekistan, the president of MTS Andrey Dubovskov has informed journalists. Only in connection with depreciation of actives IP Open Company Uzdunrobita ( MTS - Uzbekistan ) (cost of the property, the equipment, etc.) This non-recoverable write-off has been written off 579 million dollars, and as the vice-president of MTS under the finance and investments Alexey Kornja has specified. 500 million dollars more MTS has reserved under tax and other obligations which can result from the various judicial proceedings which are passing now in Uzbekistan.
A.Kornja also has added that further MTS will not make any more write-off in connection with leaving from the market of Uzbekistan.
we will remind, on August, 13th 2012. The economic court of Tashkent has prosecuted the case of the Uzbek communication agency and information (UzASI) about cancellation of all licences IP Open Company Uzdunrobita ( MTS - Uzbekistan ) .
Vmenenie from party UzAsI ostensibly illegal work of branches of the company without presence of separate licences has no legal grounds and contradicts official documents, including earlier given out Uzdunrobita licensing body - UzASI. The Total sum of claims of UzASI to Uzdunrobita within the limits of default of licence requirements can make about 210 million dollars - marked then in MTS.
MTS also informed on reception of 16 certificates of checks from tax departments of Uzbekistan. In spite of the fact that last tax check of activity IP Uzdunrobita come to the end in February 2012., has not revealed any essential infringements from the company, by results of repeated check a total sum of claims of tax departments to MTS - Uzbekistan makes more than 900 million dollars
Earlier IP Uzdunrobita Gave a telecommunication service of 9,5 million subscribers. In 2011. A gain share MTS - Uzbekistan in total receipts of group of MTS the share in OIBDA groups - 4,5 % has made 3,5 %.
As a result of the losses suffered in Uzbekistan group dead loss Mobile Telesystems on US GAAP for I half-year 2012. Has made 170 million dollars against net profit at a rate of 688 million 655 thousand dollars in I half-year 2011. In the company message it is noticed also that fluctuations of rates of exchange during the accounting period have entailed not monetary losses at a rate of 198,9 million dollars
the Consolidated gain of group during the accounting period has increased by 1,2 % - to 6 mlrd 135,9 million dollars the Operational profit of group of MTS has made 365 million 252 thousand dollars against operational profit at a rate of 1 mlrd 236 million 65 thousand dollars year before.
As the president of MTS Andrey Dubovskov has informed today, the company does not change forecasts on indicators of a gain and capital expenses following the results of 2012.
Earlier the operator informed that, under the forecast, in 2012. In comparison with 2011. kapzatraty will decrease on 3,48 % - to 2 mlrd 494,5 million dollars the Company will put means in modernisation of networks fixed and mobile communication, in development of networks of the third generation of cellular communication (3G). Also means will go on increase in throughput of a network.
Open Company net profit Mobile Telesystems (MTS) in Russia on US GAAP in II quarter 2012. In comparison with the similar period 2011. Has increased by 3 % - to 10 mlrd 190,3 million rbl. is informed On it in company materials.
indicator ARPU (an average monthly gain on one subscriber) has reached in April - June 2012. Marks in 297,1 rbl. against 280,6 rbl. in I quarter 2012. Indicator MOU (the average monthly traffic on one subscriber) in II quarter 2012. Has made 309 minutes against 282 minutes in I quarter 2012. The factor of outflow of subscribers during the accounting period has made 10,5 % against 11,3 % in I quarter 2012.
Mobile Telesystems - the Russian operator of cellular communication. MTS and affiliated companies have licences for granting of services of mobile communication of standard GSM - 900/ 1800 practically in all regions Russian Federations, and also in Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenia and in Ukraine. Also the company has the licence for rendering of services 3G in all territory of the Russian Federation. The company serves more than 100 million subscribers in the Russian Federation, in Ukraine, in Uzbekistan, Turkmenia, Armenia and Belarus. The basic shareholder of MTS is AFK System (50,8 % of actions). In the free reference on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange there are 37,6 % of actions of MTS, on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - 11,6 %.