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The ships of the Black Sea fleet modernise in Ukraine

the Head of the government of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov expects to sign shortly the agreement on repair and modernisation of the ships Military - marine sea fleet (Navy) of Russia at the Ukrainian enterprises.
“ negotiations are carried on, Russians perfectly understand that the most part of their fleet is constructed at our factories, and they perfectly understand what to repair the ships most optimum at our factories. Such negotiations pass. And I think that they will come to the end with agreement signing “ - N.Azarov has declared, having added that the arrangement will allow to ensure functioning of the Ukrainian ship-building and ship-repair factories.
on August, 20th 2012γ. In Kiev Ministers of Defence of two countries Anatoly Serdjukov and Dmitry Salamatin have discussed questions “ perfection and expansion of forms of the military man and military - technical cooperation “. In particular, it is planned that about 170 Russian and Ukrainian enterprises will participate in realisation of the program developed now military - the technical cooperation, calculated to 2017γ. The given program urged to promote development of mutually advantageous communications in creation, modernisation, repair and arms and military technology recycling. Thus in the message of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation it was especially underlined that the part of technical questions on recycling of ammunition and military technology of the Black Sea fleet is already solved.
earlier ordering fleet kontr - admiral Alexander Fedotenkov has declared that Russia expects to enter into the agreement with Ukraine about an order of modernisation of the Black Sea fleet in Crimea till the end of current year.
“ we continue negotiations on a concrete definition of the agreement which supplements the agreement 1997γ. About section of the Black Sea fleet. Formation of this document has entered finishing phase. We expect to sign the agreement till the end of the year. It will give us possibility to get to Sevastopol the new ships “ - A.Fedotenkov has noted.
According to the contract from 1997γ., Russia cannot increase number of fighting units CHF in Crimea, and also carry out updating of arms without the consent of Ukraine.
we will remind that already in 2014 - 2015γγ. The Black Sea fleet is planned to fill up with three new frigates of the project 11356 - “ Admiral Grigorovich “ “ the Admiral Essen “ and “ Admiral Makarov “. At the moment construction of frigates is conducted at Baltic ship-building factory “ Amber “. The given ships displacement about 4 thousand tons will possess a wide spectrum of possibilities of application in a distant sea zone both in single swimming, and as a part of high-grade groupings.
the authorities of Ukraine also intend to continue building of the new ships for Military - naval forces of Ukraine. N. Azarov has promised to provide absolute financing of the Black Sea ship-building factory in Nikolaev, where for the Ukrainian Naval Forces with 2004γ. Is under construction new korvet. “ We will necessarily finish this project. We will allocate all necessary means, after all the new modern fleet " is necessary to us; - N.Azarov has told.
also N.Azarov has reminded that the ship-building branch according to the Tax code is released for 10 years from profit tax payment, its development will be promoted also by the law on support of ship-building branch.