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Russia and the OPEC - friendship for ever?

In capital of Venezuela Caracas the second day there passes extraordinary session of the Organization of the Countries - Exporters of Oil (OPEC). Oil kings decide destinies of the world against proceeding in the Western Europe and the USA fuel crisis. The ultrahigh prices for fuel have led to that on many countries global protest actions of drivers which blocked roads and benzozapravki have swept, demanding normalisation of the prices.
the countries - consumers of oil what all states of Europe and the USA saving the oil stocks are almost, call members of the OPEC again and again to increase extraction, to bring down the prices.
Russia, though and not a member of the OPEC, but too very much and very much a big exporter. And cost of the Russian oil - a little below OPEKOVSKY. Oil export is favourable also the Russian Federation for incomes of it make the most part of a profitable part of the budget, is favourable also to buyers as while Russia not a member of the OPEC, it is not connected by any restrictions and to sell how many to a shower it can is necessary.
In present session of the OPEC in Caracas Russia participates in quality of the observer. Thus participants of oil cartel attach to a present meeting very much great value - to tell enough that in the second time for 40 - summer history of the organisation for the decision of essential problems ministers 11 - the OPEC states, and the head of these states have gathered not.
OPEKovtsy are disappointed by the recent decision of the USA to defreeze the oil stocks and to sell 30 million barrels. It strongly beats on their interests - after all after such step of the price here - here will fall with 32 to 27 - 28 dollars for barrel, and even that more low. Now the OPEC countries actively urge EU not to do the same, as the USA, threatening to go otherwise on new, but not increase, and on the contrary, reduction of extraction with a view of maintenance of the prices at high level favourable to.
recently in Russia all is more actively discussed idea about the possible introduction into the OPEC. However in the higher political circles it causes ambiguous enough reaction. Many, as for example, eks - Minister of Fuel and Energy Victor Kalyuzhny, polanajut that the introduction into the OPEC (about which, by the way, the official proposal was not, such variant was only discussed during a meeting of president Putin with the head of Venezuela Hugo Chavez in New York at the summit of the Millenium) will bring Russia of more minuses, than pluses. On the one hand, it will allow to influence directly a situation in the oil market. With another that is much worse, OPEKOVSKY restrictions will start to constrain the Russian export. And how cost of the Russian oil, restriction, and strong enough has grown, its export will punch a good hole in bjudzhdete. Is, truth, and opposite opinions - for example, Egor Stroev believes that OPEC membership favourably for Russia, and first of all, for regions.
however, at present, the first point of view has won. As the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Gavrin, " has officially declared in Caracas; Russia is not going to enter the OPEC as it is happy existing for September, 28th shny day with cooperation with this organisation .