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Byelorussians and Ukrainians now - high-grade foreigners

Since October, 1st, 2000 of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow enters new rules of stay in territory of the Russian capital for citizens of the CIS. Now citizens of the states CIS, wishing to receive a constant place a residence in Russia, will be considered as citizens of the far abroad, and their stay will be documented by residence permit granting. Instead of practice of granting of time registration existing till now. Till October, 1st citizens of the CIS constantly living in Moscow, and such now nearby 200 000 persons, can receive residence permit under the simplified scheme. After this date - only on the full procedure applied nowadays for citizens of the far abroad. As to stay in Moscow foreign workers with them all questions will dare on the special interdepartmental commission on attraction of foreign labour. Under the decision of this commission to them can give and time registration - for the term of 6 months and more (now - only for 6 months). On these innovations has informed on special a press - conferences in Moscow the chief uravlenija visas and registration of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Vladimir Ivanov. The purpose of the given innovations - to unify procedure of registration of a finding of foreigners in Moscow, whether it be citizens normal abroad or the near abroad that as believe in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, it is quite logical - after all the contract on the CIS does not mean any privileges concerning citizens of Union States.