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Russia buys meat in Brazil

the Brazilian company BRF International Foods created by firms Sadia and Perdigao, will begin meat deliveries to Russia. This firm has been created specially for realisation of deliveries of pork, hens, beef to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and also to Egypt, the republic of South Africa, Angola, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Jordan.
so, the president of company Perdigao Nildemar Sekkes has declared that the company intends to put in 2002 to Russia of 120 thousand tons of pork and hens for the sum of 150 million dollars.
we will remind, the volume of consumption of a bird in Russia in 2000 has made about 2 million tons, pork - 300 thousand tons. The volume of trade BRF with Russia, under company plans, should reach to 2006 500 million dollars. A share capital BRF International Foods it is generated in equal shares by companies Sadia and Perdigao. BRF at realisation of deliveries more than in 40 countries of the world, uses the integrated system of manufacture and the logistics, based on optimum variants of the freight and formation of stocks, has informed Sekkes.
it is necessary to mention also that in December of current year official visit to Brazil the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Michael Kasyanov will take place. In Brazil it is planned to sign intergovernmental agreements on cooperation in the field of a competitive policy, about cooperation between Foreign trade and investment bank of the Russian Federation and Banco do Brazil, and also about scientifically - technical cooperation.
according to the head of governmental body of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov who is the co-chairman of the intergovernmental commission, Brazil is the major trading partner of Russia in Latin America, and goods turnover between two countries during the current year will exceed 1 mlrd dollars.
we Will remind that the little the meeting of the Minister of Agriculture and the foodstuffs, vitse - prime minister Alexey Gordeyev and its Brazilian colleague of M. V de Moraesomi earlier has taken place.
In conversation with journalists Gordeyev has informed that discussion of questions trading - economic relations between two countries and increase in volumes of deliveries to Russia the most known Brazilian prodtovarov - sugar - a raw and coffee was the basic theme of negotiations.
the theme of veterinary control and removal of the restrictions entered by Russia on import of meat from Brazil was in detail mentioned. The Brazilian party considers that beef deliveries are necessary for increasing, and Russia has too strictly approached to vetkontrolju, and the Brazilian meat arrives only for industrial processing, but not in retail. As Gordeyev has told to solve this problem, the additional stage of negotiations of veterinary services of two countries is required.
Besides, Russia intends to consider in the near future offers of the Brazilian party on deliveries in the country of the Brazilian sugar - a raw directly, passing the European traders.