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Economy of Japan in decline

In Japan the highest rate of unemployment since 1953 when the country government has started to conduct the similar statistics, - 5 % is registered. To the middle 1990 - h years of Japan it was possible to adhere to a mark 1 - 2 %. In July, 2001 the rate of unemployment has made already 4,9 %.
Recently the Japanese economy endures serious recession, and situation improvements, according to experts, is not expected yet. For comparison, now the rate of unemployment in the USA makes 4,9 %. But the given level, under forecasts, will raise in the near future, as in the USA considerable reductions in aviatransport and adjacent branches with it are coming.
several days ago the Bank of Japan has published the monthly report with the forecast on state of the economy of the country in September, 2001. In the document it is underlined the further deterioration of an economic situation in Japan.
Thus, the fourth month the successively Japanese Central Bank publishes negative forecasts concerning state of the economy of the country. Experts of Bank of Japan expect current month the further reduction of volumes of national manufacture, growth of unemployment and falling of personal incomes of citizens. negative changes in economic activity became even more rigid - it is told in the report.
month before the Central Bank marks deepening of negative processes from - for recession in export sphere and manufacture. In the new document it is predicted that consumer expenses in Japan remain at former level, it is not expected manufacture growth, and the investment both in private, and in state economy sectors will be reduced. Thus external factors also are represented adverse of - for uncertainty of a situation of the global housekeeper. In the beginning of this week the Bank of Japan has lowered the interest rates within the limits of the efforts co-ordinated with FRS the USA and the European Central Bank, for prevention of sharp falling of the markets after acts of terrorism in the USA. However the step of Japanese Central Bank is more symbolical as its interest rates already are practically at a zero mark.