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The budget - 2002 can become for the first time uncontested

Today extraordinary plenary session of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on which deputies in the first reading will consider the project of the federal budget for 2002 brought by the Russian government will take place.
such decision was accepted on September, 18th at State Duma Council session. Predictably, at session with the basic report will act vitse - the prime minister, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin. Then performance of the chairman of Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin, and also the chairman of Committee of the State Duma on economic policy and Sergey Glazyev`s business and the chairman of budgetary Committee Alexander Zhukov will take place.
we will notice that for the first time in history acceptances of budgets of Russia, is possible we will not see the traditional alternative budget the Apple .
As earlier it became known that fraction the Apple Can support key parametres of the project of the budget for 2002 what the leader of fraction Grigory Javlinsky has declared to journalists. He has underlined that the final decision about voting by the budget project - 2002 in the second reading will be accepted after session of fraction specially devoted to this question which will pass with participation vitse - a premiere, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin.
Javlinsky has expressed satisfaction to that the government has agreed with a number of offers the Apple having specified budget parametres for 2002. Having estimated as a whole the governmental variant of the budget as the good document, from the accounting point of view Javlinsky has noticed that the given project solves basically small economic problems unlike alternative apple the project of the budget directed on the decision of large strategic problems.
Javlinsky has reminded that the Apple Considers necessary to redistribute in favour of regions of 100 % of the ground tax, and has estimated the governmental project of the budget for 2002 as directed on excessive centralisation of incomes.