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Only rich Russians dare to be engaged in physical culture

the Share of the persons who are engaged in Russia in sports and physical training, reaches the greatest indicator among the population with high incomes - 30,7 %, among sredneobespechennogo the population - 19,6 % and 16,6 % - with incomes below the average level on the country. On it it is informed in the published report of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation About results of work of bodies and public health services establishments in 2001 and problems on perfection of medical aid to the population according to the program socially - economic development of the Russian Federation on intermediate term prospect (2002 - 2004) . Thus in the ministry notice that in families of higher material level the share of children who are engaged constantly in physical exercises, makes 43 %, from sredneobespechennyh families - 39 % and in families with low incomes this figure makes 35 %.
Only about 10 % of persons, according to doctors, care of the health whereas 35 % neglect it. Among the population, according to special research of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, nearby 18 - 19 % of persons regularly are engaged in physical training and sports (according to the official statistics - 9 %). Also it is noticed that last years the share of the men who are paying much attention to the health, including engaged in physical culture and sports has considerably grown, especially it is characteristic for persons of young age.
in 1991. The share of men till 30 years which are engaged constantly in physical training and sports, was 29 %, last years - 44 %. Among women of such positive tendencies public health services bodies it is not revealed: the share fond of physical culture and sports is over the last ten years almost identical - 15 - 16 %. Among the persons who are constantly engaged in physical exercises, almost every third (28,5 %) have houses sports training apparatus.
Principal causes of refusal of employment by physical training and sports among the interrogated population are: absence of free time on these employment, mainly, from - for domesticities (51,1 %), in a smaller measure - from - for works and studies (28 %). The considerable share of persons (41,1 %) has specified that they are not engaged in physical training from - for absence at them such desire. On a state of health 19,7 % cannot be engaged; 10,1 % consider that such employment can be useful to their health, however there are those or the reasons to remove the beginning of employment.
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