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YUKOS: Audit of resources of Yuganskneftegaz will occupy 5 - 10 years

will occupy Audit of taken resources of Yuganskneftegaz 5 - 10 years. On it has informed at conference Russia: investments into growth economy the first vice-president NK YUKOS on investigation and Joe Mak`s extraction.
as he said, work on an estimation of volume of taken resources of Yuganskneftegaz has occupied about 4 years. These resources will be translated on balance of the company only after carrying out of audit which will occupy 5 - 10 years, has added J. A poppy.
we will remind, earlier NK YUKOS has informed that has summed up researches of the Priobsky deposit and the productive Achimovsky horizon located on other depths rather before studied productive horizons of deposits of Open Society Yuganskneftegaz . The estimation of the taken resources calculated by results of given researches, has exceeded earlier declared total sum proved, probable and possible (3) stocks by a technique of the Society of engineers - oil industry workers (SPE) more than in 4,7 times.
taken resources of Open Society Yuganskneftegaz by results of research make 12,8 mlrd t (93,7 mlrd barr.) that on 10,1 mlrd t, or 74,3 mlrd barr. More than the proved, probable and possible stocks of the enterprise making on the end 2003. 2,7 mlrd t (19,4 mlrd barr.) .
Open Society Yuganskneftegaz - the largest oil-extracting enterprise of YUKOS providing about 60 % from total amount of extraction of the company.
now 100 % of actions of Yuganskneftegaz, along with actions of others extracting daughters YUKOS - NK Tomskneft and Samaraneftegaz are arrested by service of court enforcement officers of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation within the limits of raised against NK YUKOS executive manufacture on collecting 99,4 mlrd rbl. of taxes, fines and penalties for 2000.
After carrying out of an estimation of Yuganskneftegaz by the international investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein police officers plan to expose shares of company on sale for debt repayment.
according to the minister of natural resources of the Russian Federation Yury Trutnev, MPR till the end of September the decision on licence withdrawal on oil recovery at Yuganskneftegaz of this year can make. With such offer in MPR the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation has addressed because Yuganskneftegaz has back taxes at a rate of 3,5 mlrd rbl. YUKOS Management explains a delay of payment of taxes arrest of accounts of the company.
Besides, today it became known that the Federal arbitration court of the Moscow district will consider on October, 18th appeal NK YUKOS on the decision on the validity of arrest of 100 % of actions of Open Society Yuganskneftegaz . On it have informed in court.
it is necessary to remind that the Arbitration court of Moscow at session has satisfied on August, 6th statement NK YUKOS also recognised as illegal actions of the court enforcement officer - executor Dmitry Borisova, which on July, 14th 2004. Has signed the decision about arrest 100 - affiliated company NK percent of shares YUKOS - Open Society Yuganskneftegaz . However on August, 18th 2004. Appeal arbitration court N9 has satisfied the complaint of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection and has cancelled the decision from August, 6th about illegality of arrest of actions of affiliated company YUKOS and. The oil company has appealed against against the given decision in cassation instance of court.
according to YUKOS, actions of the court enforcement officer are illegal and nemotivirovany, in particular, the collecting reference on the action Yuganskneftegaz it should be carried out only in the third turn . Collecting on executive manufacture is primary is imposed on money resources (first stage), and then on property, not participating in the basic manufacture of the company (the second turn) . Only arrest on the basic actives of the company (the third turn) is then imposed.