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Inflation in Russia for 9 months will make 8,3 - 8,4 %

Inflation in Russia for 9 months 2005. Will make 8,3 - 8,4 %. With such message the first deputy of the chairman of the Central bank of the Russian Federation Alexey Uljukaev at conference " has acted today; Investments into the Russian economy . Following the results of 8 months inflation has made 8,3 %.
In this connection A.Uljukaev has expressed confidence that at an accurate expenditure of budgetary funds and control over a rise in prices of natural monopolies the government will manage to keep inflation in 2005. At the planned level in 10 %. If these conditions are not observed, we can fall outside the limits planned - has declared A.Uljukaev.
Besides, according to A.Uljukaeva, strengthening of a real effective rouble exchange rate following the results of 2005. Will make 9 - 9,5 %. Earlier it was planned that strengthening will make 9 - 10 %.
we Will notice that on the eve of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Michael Fradkov has declared that proficiency of the federal budget by the end 2005. Will make 7 % of gross national product, volume of Stabilization fund taking into account preschedule repayments of debts to the Parisian club following the results of 2005. Will make 1,3 trln rbl. Such financial reserve allows us to constrain inflation - M.Fradkov has declared.
the prime minister has reminded that in January - August 2005. Inflation has made 8,3 %, since May it was slowed down, and in August even the deflation at a rate of 0,1 % was observed.
the Head of the government has underlined that for inflation stabilisation along with regulation of export duties for oil the government of the Russian Federation plans a series of measures, in particular, restriction of growth of controlled prices on gas and antimonopoly measures.
M.Fradkov also has informed that gross national product growth in Russia following the results of II half-year 2005. Will make 6,5 %. He has noticed that an economic situation of Russia Stable, economic growth proceeds, though rates are slowed down . As he said, delay of dynamics of growth of gross national product is caused by decrease mining industry sales volumes, decrease (rates) of growth promproizvodstva and oil export .