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Gazprom oil becomes the independent company

Open Society Gazprom oil will carry out the activity as the independent vertically integrated oil company. Such decision was accepted the day before Open Society board of directors Gazprom informs a press - service of gas holding.
as it is marked in the message, Gazprom oil will conduct independent operational activity and to finance the projects at the expense of own means. In structure oil Gazprom extracting, oil refining and marketing actives will remain. Also Open Society Gazprom oil will continue to participate in auctions on acquisition of new actives. From October 2005. Till today the company has got 8 licence sites on the mining right, a marketing network in Kirghizia, and also 30 sites under gas station building in St.-Petersburg. Besides, Gazprom oil plans to modernise already available actives, the program of modernisation Omsk NPZ in particular is confirmed.
The day before Open Society board of directors Gazprom has confirmed strategy of holding in the field of oil business. Strategy realisation, in particular, provides growth of annual oil recovery to 80 million t by 2020. Strategy performance will allow to strengthen positions in the internal and external markets as the effective versatile oil and gas company, to involve in working out stocks of oil of Gazprom more actively, to create additional conditions for increase of market capitalisation and improvement of financial indicators of Gazprom.
earlier Gazprom declared plans on increase in volumes of extraction to 80 million t in a year to 2020. For a basis was the variant according to which mid-annual rates of oil recovery by group will make 4 % is taken. The plan of an exit for annual extraction in 80 million t oil in 2020. Provides stage-by-stage input in working out of all data of investigation of oil deposits of Open Society Gazprom oil (taking into account 50 % of Open Society belonging to it Slavneft ) Input in working out of stocks of Gazprom, expansion of resource base. As it was informed, the investment program oil Gazprom it will be financed completely from monetary streams from its own activity, without attraction of means of Gazprom.
Open Society net profit Gazprom oil following the results of I half-year 2006., According to preliminary data, has made 1 mlrd 836 million dollars About it has informed today on a press - conferences in Moscow the head of the company Alexander Ryazanov. According to business - to the plan, the net profit was planned at level of 909 million dollars a company Gain for I half-year has reached 10,2 mlrd dollars (7,5 mlrd dollars - on business - to the plan). The oil extracting volume for the specified period has made 16 million 120 thousand t at the 15 million 700 thousand plan t. Expenses for extraction of ton of oil have made 38 dollars (5,3 dollars/ barr.) .
As A.Ryazanov has informed also, in I half-year the company has paid taxes in the sum 4 mlrd 250 million dollars that makes 41,4 % from a gain. Volume of capital investments oil Gazprom for the first half a year has made 580 million dollars at the plan in 933 million dollars According to head oil Gazprom decrease in volumes kapvlozheny is connected with severe conditions of work of the enterprises of the company during the winter period, and also with revision of a part of civil-engineering designs. The basic volume kapvlozheny has been directed to oil extracting sphere - 550 million dollars
A.Ryazanov also has specified look-ahead indicators of the company on 2006. The profit following the results of a year is planned at level 3,6 mlrd dollars Own oil extracting should to make 32 million t, but, probably, this indicator will reach also 33 million t, he has noticed.
Open Society authorised capital stock Gazprom oil makes 7 million 586 thousand 79,4224 rbl. Also it is generated by placing of two releases of the ordinary registered stocks giving to their owners the identical rights. All placed actions are voting. The total of the placed actions makes 4 mlrd 741 million 299 thousand 639, face value of the action - 0,0016 rbl. Gazprom on October, 21st 2005. Has finished the transaction on acquisition at Millhouse Capital 72 % of actions Sibneft for 13 mlrd dollars, having consolidated over 75 % of its actions. On balance NK YUKOS there are 20 % of actions oil Gazprom . The pure not consolidated profit oil Gazprom on RSBU in 2005. Has decreased in comparison with 2004. - to 42 mlrd 489 million 143 thousand rbl. the Gain from realisation has increased by 6,8 % with 183,63 mlrd rbl. in 2004. To 273,05 mlrd rbl. in 2005. The cost price has increased with 92,88 mlrd rbl. to 174,59 mlrd rbl.