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In Russia children`s prostitution

prospers Today the report of the Commission of the United Nations under human rights about children`s prostitution in Russia is published.
as has informed the special representative of commission Ofelija Kalsetas - Santos, the situation with sexual operation of children in Russia has developed the menacing. As she said, poverty, ignorance, alcoholism and violence in a family compel children, mainly, girls to leave in this business literally for pennies, becoming slaves to the criminal organisations. In the published report revelry of children`s prostitution and a pornography and inability or unwillingness of the Russian authorities to struggle with these phenomena is marked. Especially in the report weakness of legislative base of Russia is underlined.
to similar conclusions of committee-men could push and recently ended operation ”Blue orchid”. Let`s remind that during the operation spent by Moscow criminal investigation department together with customs service of the USA, the organised group which was engaged in manufacturing and raspostraneniem of a children`s pornography has been exposed. Criminals extended pornographic video and photos through the Internet, and also to a compact - disks. By a tentative estimation, the income of the Russian organizers of group for 8 months has made approximately 35 thousand dollars. At their arrest a considerable quantity of ready pornoproduction - about 600 videocassettes, 200 compact - disks has been withdrawn.
it is necessary to notice that the opinion of employees of Moscow criminal investigation department performing operation, coincides with opinion of experts of the United Nations. According to the Russian field investigators, operation “Blue orchid” has obviously shown imperfection of the Russian Criminal code. Employees of Moscow criminal investigation department consider that it is necessary to make changes which would provide protection of children " to it; from sexual operation “. As they said, in the Russian legislation there is no concept “ a children`s porno “ and the crimes made concerning children on sexual soil, do not concern the heavy. Punishment term for this sort of fulfilment of crimes of all from two till four years. And, according to the new law, suspected of fulfilment of crimes punishment for which provides imprisonment within two years, are not held at all to court in custody.