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Israel has struck blow to Arafat`s special services

After extreme cabinet council of ministers of Israel, a safety force of this country has struck blows to a number of objects in the cities of Gazas and Ramalla with application of tanks and helicopters.
all attacked objects belonged to Division 17 - personal security service of the head of the Palestinian administration of Yasser Arafat. Among them - a staff - service apartment in Ramalle, a weapon warehouse and the training centre in Gaza. One employee of service was lost also six are wounded. Among civilians - one lost and from 20 to 30 wounded men. This action has served as continuation of artillery bombardment which was spent by the Israeli military men in reply to acts of terrorism. Before bombardments in Ramalle employees from a building of the Palestinian administration which have been warned by Israelis have been evacuated.
According to representatives of the Israeli government, they have strong reasons to believe, what exactly Arafat`s protection is responsible for last acts of terrorism in Israel. Still yesterday, the prime minister - the minister of Israel Ariel Sharon named again the head of the Palestinian administration Yasser Arafat the main thing responsible for continuation of acts of terrorism in Israel. However, Palestinians deny this information and accuse Israel of escalation of violence instead of search of the valid guilty. The Palestinian diplomat Saeb Erekat even named actions of Israel in advance planned aggression .
With certain vigilance concerns actions of Israel and its nearest ally - the USA. So, the White house has let out the statement in which it is said that problems of the Near East cannot be solved power methods. The USA call also Israelis and Palestinians to behave frostily. Actually, official Washington critically estimates behaviour of both parties of the conflict and calls them for fidelity there is no time the given obligations. The period of provocations was tightened, told in the statement, and Palestinians should condemn publicly terrorism, and Israel - to weaken blockade of the Palestinian territories and control on check points.
authoritative human rights organisation Human Rights Watch is much more categorical in the estimations. According to legal experts, now Israel constantly and seriously breaks the international standards of human rights. In particular, not selective and excessive application of force, any murders, collective punishments of Palestinians for separate acts of terrorism prospers. However, Human Rights Watch recognises that the Palestinian national administration has not undertaken any steps for prevention of acts of terrorism and can be involved in some of them. Nevertheless, legal experts have subjected to criticism US authorities that their representative has put a veto for the resolution of Security council of the United Nations on input to Palestin the international forces.