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Germany and the USA will define the relations

Today German chancellor Gerhard Schroder arrives with official visit to the USA. Schroder becomes the second head of the European state, after British the prime minister - minister Tony Blair who will visit the USA after administration change in Washington.
However, the international observers mark extraordinary short duration of visit. Schroder will spend to the USA only some hours. However, official Berlin underlines that the brevity of visit is caused only by employment of heads of both states, and not so low importance of a meeting.
during a meeting with George Bush the German chancellor intends to familiarise with plans of creation of the American system of national antimissile defence, first of all. While Gerhard Schroder has not expressed the unequivocal relation to NPRO. However, on the previous performances of the chancellor, and also on statements of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Joshki Fisher clearly that Germany will aspire to such development NPRO that it has not begun a new coil of race of arms in the world. Besides, for Germans important that in the course of its creation Russia and China necessarily took part.
discussion of a question on participation of the European allies of the USA on the NATO in technological part NPRO becomes an important point at negotiations. In this case speech can go about orders for the German industry in volume to some tens billions dollars. Also it is expected that the question on legal guarantees of the USA to the German enterprises, necessary indemnifications to start payments to the former dependent workers of times of the Second World War will be discussed.
in the conversation leaders of two countries will concern also to a situation on the Balkans. Schroder intends to express to the American side concern in plans of reduction of military presence of the USA in this region. According to Germany, participation of Americans in peaceful settlement on the Balkans becomes especially important after events in Macedonia which have shown, the situation in region is how much astable. Thereupon position in Turkey will be discussed also, the chancellor intends to call the United States for closer cooperation with the European countries on working out of the program of stabilisation of economy of Turkey as the country plays an important role in stability maintenance in region and Europe as a whole.
despite short duration of visit, it should set the fashion in development of relations between two countries the next years.