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Europe begs Russia to buy meat

Today the European union has expressed Russia the concern in connection with the decision on an interdiction of import of cattle-breeding production from EU Member States. The interdiction concerns import of live animals, and also production from meat, milk and fish, including finished articles.
the European Union delegation has declared that in the light of the strict measures undertaken by EU for prevention of distribution jashchura, the decision of the Russian authorities is represented excessive. Safety measures from the European Union and so are directed on stopping the further distribution of disease as inside, and behind its limits of EU. Measures include, in particular, an interdiction for transportation of the live animals amazed with disease, for territory of other countries, and also an interdiction for transportation of animal production for limits of the areas amazed with disease. The Russian decision imposes an interdiction for production from all EU Member States whereas now only in four states of the European Union flash jashchura is observed. Representatives of EU have addressed to the government of Russia with the request to reconsider and change the decision on an interdiction for import.
the reasons of the similar reference lie on a surface. Introduction by Russia of an interdiction for import of meat and mjasomolochnoj production from the European Union countries almost completely will paralyse the European export. In particular, acceptance of the given measures will lead to reduction of volume of export of the European beef on 94 %, and volume of export of pork - on 73 %. And it when Russia is the major importer of European meat production. So, to Russia it is delivered over 40 % of all beef exported from Europe and about one third of pork. Therefore, in spite of the fact that the measures accepted by Russia, carry a temporality and will last only 21 day, for Europe they can have the most serious economic consequences.