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At stations of Moscow put new turnstiles

By May, 21st all stations of the Russian capital will be equipped by automatic turnstiles for control on an exit .
Turnstiles at capital stations exist already more than a year and serve as controllers of tickets on an input . That is on a platform which has a train, it is possible to get only to the passengers who have bought tickets. Now Ministry of Railways has decided to go further.
As the first deputy of the chief of the Moscow railway Victor Popov has declared on Thursday, turnstiles and " are at the moment established; on an exit . Each passenger is obliged to keep the travel paper to an exit from station, differently it will not let out in a city. In the absence of the ticket to the passenger - to a hare it is necessary to pay the penalty at a rate of 26 roubles in a ticket office.
on March, 31st turnstiles on an exit Will start to work at Paveletsky, Savelovsky and Riga stations, on April, 10th - on Belarus, on April, 15th - on Yaroslavl, on April, 20th - on Kiev, on April, 30th - on Kursk and on May, 21st - on Kazan stations.
the next innovation of the Moscow railwaymen, undoubtedly, will cause negative reaction hares . However objectively turnstiles - a thing necessary, their use as it is clear from previous experience, allows to achieve from passengers of real payments for real trips.