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GPU has become interested in electric power industry

the Main thing It is state - the legal department of the President of the Russian Federation has given the remarks to the bill About electric power industry which have been sounded at session of the governmental commission on the electric power industry reforming, taken place on March, 28th. According to experts, the principle put in a basis of activity of the federal network company, which necessity of creation defends the Russian Open Society EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY it is not quite adequate to the Russian legislation and can limit the rights of proprietors of the electronetwork companies seriously. As a matter of fact, the offered scheme of restrictions is unconstitutional, for it deprives of the proprietor of its rights to property, and restriction of the rights of the proprietor is carried out on the basis of the decision of other commercial organisation in the name of the federal network company.
Besides, experts of management pay attention that the bill does not create a legal basis for contractual relations in sphere of a turn of the electric power. by the parties under the contract, - it is told in remarks to the bill, - the power supplying company, instead of the guaranteeing supplier or the power marketing organisation, and the consumer - the subscriber " should be;.