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Switzerland: Accounts of co-owners of YUKOS are frozen

the Authorities of Switzerland officially declared that have frozen on bank accounts some billions Swiss francs in connection with process on business NK YUKOS .
As transfers AR, today the Federal Office of Public Prosecutor of Switzerland declared that has officially frozen accounts of co-owners of YUKOS in the end of the past week after several weeks it has been declared time blocking of accounts earlier. The Swiss authorities operated in reply to the inquiry of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia presented on March, 11th of this year about seizure of bank accounts in Switzerland co-owners and shareholders NK YUKOS and groups of other persons appearing on so-called to YUKOS business .
we Will remind, earlier the Office of Public Prosecutor of Switzerland refused to make comments on the message of the Russian authorities on blocking of accounts 20 of the Russian citizens, including Michael Khodorkovsky, Platon Lebedev and Leonid Nevzlina.
According to the information presented by the Russian side, on the blocked accounts was more than 6,2 mlrd the Swiss francs (nearby 5 mlrd dollars) However the Swiss authorities have not informed exact figure, having declared that this sum makes some billions Swiss francs . As transfers AR, it is the largest sum which when - or was blocked on accounts for all time of existence of bank system of Switzerland.
earlier blocking of means of co-owners of YUKOS declared the head of department of the information and public relations of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Natalia Vishnjakova. She has noticed that it is a question not of actives, actions or other securities, and about personal monetary contributions of the physical persons anyhow involved in plunder of public funds in especially large sizes .
N.Vishnjakova has underlined that the given actions are spent in strict conformity with the Russian and Swiss remedial legislation . N.Vishnjakova also has noticed that the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor will render to the colleagues all necessary legal aid .