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O.Dmitriev: VAT Decrease is not corruption variant of tax reform

the Reduction in tax for the added cost (VAT) with 18 to 13 %, offered by Michael Fradkov is a clear and not corruption variant of tax reform. It was declared today to journalists the independent deputy of the State Duma by Oksana Dmitriev.
as she said, this offer ministers of the economic block though it is obviously attractive yet have not supported. decrease " goes all equal conditions, all; - has explained O.Dmitriev. Instead of it, according to O.Dmitrievoj, improvement of some procedures on compensation of the export VAT, VAT compensation on kapstroitelstvu, " is offered; which to favourably certain companies .
This all those positions which were lobbied earlier by YUKOS when has been well presented in the State Duma, - has underlined O.Dmitriev. Are purely lobbist things, that is not decrease in taxes, and expansion of possibility of tax planning that some companies paid nothing . The matter is that at mechanisms of compensation of the VAT it is possible to construct schemes so that not you should the budget, and it owes to you, - has specified O.Dmitriev. - therefore that M.Fradkov offered, was correct .
In the meantime, in support of the offer on VAT decrease to the chairman of the government Michael Fradkov deputies of fraction " today have addressed; an United Russia . In their opinion, the position of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation declaring impossibility of decrease of the rate of the VAT because of growth of dropping out incomes of the budget, looks insolvent.
as it is known, at the meeting which has taken place on March, 24th of this year of the president of the Russian Federation with the Russian businessmen of Century Putin has declared that it is not satisfied neither economy structure, nor structure of its growth, it is marked in the collective reference addressed to M.Fradkov from deputies A.Ageeva, N.Bezborodov, In Ivanovoj and B.Plohotnjuka. The president also named fair reproaches to the government, concerning tightenings of reform of tax laws and decrease in tax rates, deputies underline. According to the deputies, one of key questions of the Russian Federation discussed by the government of tax reform is decrease in the rate of the VAT with 18 to 13 %
Deputies underline that decrease in the rate of the VAT will have the expressed structural effect as will reduce tax loading by the enterprises of processing industries. In structure of their tax payments of the VAT makes considerably the most part, than in oil-extracting branch (42 and 16 % accordingly).
As a result of decrease in the rate of the VAT in 2006 at the disposal of the enterprises of processing industries there will be additional financial resources at the rate about 300 mlrd roubles, and in 2007 - 320 mlrd roubles, is told in circulation. The given means directed on development and modernisation of manufacture, will help to promote increase of competitiveness of the domestic goods, deputies underline.
in their opinion, the fears of some departments sounded on March, 11th of this year at session of the governmental budgetary commission, concerning possible growth of dropping out incomes of the budget caused by decrease of the rate of the VAT, are represented exaggerated. Real level of a collecting of the VAT in Russia does not exceed now 60 %, it is marked in circulation. Decrease in the rate of the VAT will promote expansion of tax base, and also an exit of the enterprises from shades Having provided growth of a collecting of the tax on 10 - 15 % and the receipt of additional incomes connected with it in the budget at a rate of 100 - 150 mlrd roubles, deputies declare.
Besides, considered now the government of the Russian Federation the decision on increase in the price of cutting off of the incomes arriving in Stabilization fund, from operating 20 US dollars for barrel of oil to 25, will allow to increase additional incomes of the budget on 300 - 350 mlrd roubles, is underlined in circulation. Thus, additional incomes of the budget in 2006, taking into account growth of incomes of increase in tax base under the VAT and level of its collecting, and also the incomes received as a result of increase of the price of cutting off of incomes, arriving in Stabilization fund, will make 400 - 500 mlrd roubles, deputies declare.
deputies ask chairman Michael Fradkov to take into consideration these facts by consideration of a question on the size of the rate of the VAT for 2006