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G.Gref: the Economy of the Russian Federation does not allow to double gross national product

Existing rates of increase of economy of Russia do not allow to double the next 10 years gross national product. Such opinion was stated today to journalists by the head of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation Herman Gref.
he has underlined that as to a task in view it always took a positive view of gross national product doubling. but if to start with real possibilities current macroeconomic indicators to double gross national product do not allow - the minister has told.
as he said, for doubling of gross national product the government of the Russian Federation needs to spend many reforms. on rates of carrying out of administrative and judicial reforms it is possible to judge how we will double gross national product - G.Gref is assured.
thus the minister has reminded that for today it is necessary for government of the Russian Federation to solve five existing key problems: Decrease in rates of economic growth, poor quality of the state administration, insufficient integration of Russia into the foreign markets, insufficient level of development of the human capital and non-uniform development of regions Russian Federations.
also G.Gref has published the new data on inflation. For 21 day of March its indicator has made 0,8 %. Earlier G.Gref declared that 0,8 % - an inflation indicator for March as a whole.
we will notice that today G.Gref`s department has raised the inflation forecast in Russia in 2005. With 8,5 to 10 %. However, as the minister has underlined, a government most important task there is an inflation deduction during the current year within 8,5 %. Thus, as he said, the forecast on growth of gross national product and promproizvodstvu did not change.
also today the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Michael Fradkov has informed that the problem of doubling of gross national product for 10 years remains on the agenda. However the prime minister, as he said, is not satisfied by dynamics of economic growth of the country in the beginning 2005. According to M.Fradkov, In the beginning of year the economy submits disturbing signals . And growth delay occurs against the growing world prices for oil.
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