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In the summer of the OPEC will increase deliveries of oil to 1 million barr./ day

In III quarter 2005. Oil deliveries will be increased approximately by 1,0 million barr./ day. However currently the OPEC does not see necessity for additional increase in oil recovery for 500 thousand barr./ day, the president of the OPEC, the minister of oil of Kuwait sheikh Ahmed Fahd al - Ahmed the expert - Sabah has declared today.
the President of the OPEC has noticed that deliveries of oil from the cartel countries are sufficient now. The same opinion has expressed in the afternoon before and the minister of oil of Algeria.
so, at an official quota of 27,5 million barr./ day, 10 countries of the OPEC really make 27,7 million barr./ day. Taking into account Iraq deliveries of 11 countries make 29,56 million barr./ day.
recent record rise in prices for oil has been caused by the increased demand for oil after the OPEC summit in Isfahan, the president of cartel has noted. The OPEC countries prepared for the second increase in an official quota of deliveries to 28,0 million barr./ day, however from - for expected increase in consumption of oil in III and IV quarters 2005. While have decided not to undertake such measures. The president of the OPEC has declared that the questions, concerning the further strategy of cartel, will be considered at the forthcoming ministerial summit in June, transfers Reuters.
we Will remind that else the day before the Minister of Energy of Indonesia Purnomo Jusgiantoro has confirmed the information that structure oil baskets the OPEC the price band 22 - 28 dollars/ barr will be soon expanded with 7 to 11 oil marks, and. It will be increased by 10 dollars Forthcoming changes are connected with the changed realities of the world market and are dictated by the increased consumption of oil and easing of the American dollar, has noted P.Jusgiantoro.
So, from the beginning of December 2003. The indicator remains behind the top border of the established corridor. The price baskets on March, 17th 2005. Has reached the absolute record 51,76 dollars/ barr. And as of March, 24th made 50,12 dollars/ barr.
Also it is necessary to notice that the price oil baskets the OPEC, as of March, 28th has made 49,26 (- 0,86) dollars/ barr. The indicator was established on the lowest mark after March, 23rd 2005., when the price baskets made 49,09 dollars/ barr.