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V.Jushchenko will be cancelled for a year of a privilege Ukrainian SEZ

by the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko supports a suspension on 2005. Allocation of privileges for special economic zones (SEZ) and territories of priority development (TPR), having compensated thus losses to the effective enterprises from the budget. He has declared it today on a press - conferences.
V.Jushchenko considers expedient temporarily to suspend activity of special economic zones from the point of view of preferences from the state and to spend within a year audit of work of each such zone. That promoted creation of new workplaces in regions, should renew the work, and those zones which were used as transportation of illegal interests including financial, should be closed, he has told.
the president has noticed that concept SEZ and TPR already does not work it was under construction under certain political economic clans. Thus, we discredited this idea, and now it is necessary to depart from it competently . V.Jushchenko has noticed that does not share opinions that all SEZ and TPR are inefficient. it is wrong. There are effective projects and effective zones. Therefore that is effective, it is necessary to keep - the head of the state has noted.
as to the separate enterprises which can suffer from closing SEZ, that, according to V.Jushchenko, the budget provides allocation of special grants for branches and the enterprises which are withdrawn from system SEZ, and thus will amortise losses . In Ukraine operates 24 SEZ.
Meanwhile, according to the former head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine, chairman Sotsial - democratic party of Ukraine of Victor Medvedchuk, this decision can be regarded as discrimination of those regions which on presidential election have not supported the present president. As he said, It is a question, first of all, of the politician of cancellation of privileges for the industry . it is already obvious that it will painfully strike on economy of east areas where the basic part of the industry of the country " is concentrated; - leader SDPU () has underlined. So, he has declared that in a new wording the State budget - 2005 actual liquidation of privileges for territories of priority development (TPR) which according to legislative guarantees 30 years " should operate is provided;.
Reduction of assignments, first of all, in the coal branch, preparing increase of railroad rates, actual liquidation of tax stimulus for escalating of investments and updating of the fixed capital which deterioration already reaches 80 %, have under itself no serious economic justification. It speaks, first of all, about their political underlying reason - V.Medvedchuk has declared.